Personally, I like it. ~Robert Kagan on Obama’s foreign policy

It’s hardly a secret that Obama is a rabid interventionist.  He didn’t exactly hide this in the past, and with his foreign policy speech last week he has made it clear just how far out there he is.  Not that this should surprise anyone–Obama is a progressive internationalist working in a long, bad tradition of progressive internationalists from Woodrow Wilson to George Bush.  It is typical, and typically wrong, for Kagan to treat Obama’s speech as some sort of departure from his left-liberalism.  It is entirely consistent with his left-liberalism, and that’s yet another problem with his foreign policy. 

If the Post, the establishment’s unofficial propaganda organ, has nice things to say about it, look out.  If Robert Kagan likes someone’s foreign policy, it’s fair to say that this policy will be bad for this country.  That alone is reason enough to hope for Obama’s defeat.  It would also seem to render completely absurd recent attempts to portray Obama as some sort of wimpy dove.

Kagan confirms my reading of the speech and stresses just how insanely interventionist Obama is:

It’s not just international do-goodism. To Obama, everything and everyone everywhere is of strategic concern to the United States. “We cannot hope to shape a world where opportunity outweighs danger unless we ensure that every child, everywhere, is taught to build and not to destroy.” The “security of the American people is inextricably linked to the security of all people.” Realists, call your doctors.