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Apparently There Are No Mirrors In Washington

In all my time in Washington, I’ve never seen such smugness, arrogance, or such insufferable moral superiority.  Self-congratulatory.  Full of itself.  Horrible.  ~Bill Bennett [1]

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2 Comments To "Apparently There Are No Mirrors In Washington"

#1 Comment By kevinjjones On December 6, 2006 @ 10:12 pm

This is even more dissonant, considering Humility never even made it into Bennett’s The Book of Virtues.

#2 Comment By Maximos On December 7, 2006 @ 8:40 am

Well, a perusal of the Usual Sources and conversations with die-hard GOP supporters have demonstrated one thing to me with great clarity: the arrogance and moral superiority remain in the encampments of those who still wish to defend this failed policy, and to assert that with the exertion of “sufficient will”, we could “achieve victory” in Iraq. Representative of what this would entail was a conversation I had with a die-hard supporter yesterday.

Me: “Achieving even a semblance of the objectives established by the adminstration would necessitate the slaughter of large percentages of both the Sunni and Shiite communities in Iraq.”

Die-Hard: “Well, then that is what we have to do.”

Me: “But even this assumes that it is possible for us to transform the Islamic world, and Islam itself, to our preferences; and this assumption is ludicrous.”

Die-Hard: “It is if we kill enough of them.”

Me: “Are you seriously proposing the use of nuclear weapons?!”

Die-Hard: “No. Fuel-air bombs and the carpet-bombing of all of their cities.”

To be sure, most mainstream GOPers haven’t gone this far; but they persist in the delusion that their “victory” is attainable on their terms. They recognize no limits to the realization of Will save the want of the Same; and when this mindset runs smack into its inevitable comeuppance at the hands of Intractable Reality, some begin calling for mass slaughter or genocide.

When your foreign policy doctrines yield, by the inexorable outworking of their logic within the matrix of the real world, such results, it is a safe conclusion that what those doctrines counsel is objectively unjust. God help us.