The president showed off just how gullible he is earlier today:

To answer Trump’s question, it is neither of these because it never happened. There is absolutely no truth to any of this, and it’s obviously nonsensical on its face. The claim is coming from a hard-line cleric in Iran who was making this up to cast aspersions on Rouhani and other supporters of the nuclear deal inside Iran. Hard-line opponents of the deal in Iran are just as willing to make things up and lie about their domestic opponents’ motives as their American counterparts, and that’s what this is. FoxNews ran an article about the cleric’s statement, and it quoted an analyst analysts dismissing it as garbage:

Fox News analyst and former Obama State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf was dubious of the Iranian official’s allegation. “This sounds like totally made up BS,” she said.

Anyone reading the article would come away realizing that the claim was false and motivated by political rivalries in Iran, but because the headline confirms Trump’s biases against Obama and the nuclear deal he was only too ready to swallow it whole. Trump’s credulity about this is of a piece with his repetition of other false claims about the nuclear deal, and it shows how readily he will believe and repeat anything if he thinks it helps support his position.