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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Inside the wide open race to succeed John Bolton. Curt Mills reports …

Posted September 13th, 2019

Misunderstanding Trump’s Foreign Policy

Descriptions of Trump as having an “anti-militaristic approach” to foreign policy and “opting for dialogue over conflict” are simply wrong as a matter of fact.

Posted September 11th, 2019

Hook’s Despicable Yemen Propaganda

Blaming Iran for the harm done to Yemen by the U.S.-backed Saudi coalition is the administration’s most sickening rhetorical maneuver, and it is also one of their most common.

Posted September 9th, 2019

The Absurdity of Pompeo’s ‘Normal Nation’ Rhetoric

It is hard to miss the absurdity of American officials lecturing other governments about the need to be “normal” when our government’s foreign policy is anything but that.

Posted September 9th, 2019

Yemen and the ‘Crisis of Western Values’

It is U.S. support for and involvement in other atrocious wars abroad, including and especially the war on Yemen, that cry out for denunciation as a betrayal of our values.

Posted September 7th, 2019

Congress Can Still Stop U.S. Support for the War on Yemen

Congress can still stop U.S. support for the war on Yemen, and it is about time that it did so.

Posted September 3rd, 2019

The Saudi Coalition Is Tearing Itself Apart

Few things could better illustrate the absurdity of our Yemen policy than attacks by one part of the U.S.-backed coalition against another part.

Posted August 11th, 2019

The U.S. Must Stop Indulging Reckless Clients

The supposed “Jacksonian” nationalist angry at how America has been ripped off by everyone suddenly turns sycophantic when it comes to handing out gifts to Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

Posted July 26th, 2019

Pompeo’s Sickening ‘Message’ for Saudi Arabia

The administration is an eager defender in whitewashing the crown prince’s outrages.

Posted July 25th, 2019

Trump’s Disgraceful Pro-Saudi Vetoes

The president has used his veto power almost exclusively to support the Saudi coalition as they continue to kill Yemeni civilians in a disastrous war.

Posted July 24th, 2019

Getting Diplomacy Wrong

Pompeo’s description of bad diplomacy fits his own tenure as Secretary of State and the Trump administration’s foreign policy record perfectly.

Posted July 22nd, 2019

The Saudi Coalition Continues to Falter in Yemen

Congress won’t support increasing U.S. involvement in a war that they have repeatedly voted to end, but the president has vetoed their resolutions and ignored their objections for more than two years.

Posted July 19th, 2019

The House Rejects Arms Sales and Rebukes Trump’s Bogus ‘Emergency’

A majority of both chambers has stated that they oppose these arms sales and the phony “emergency” that Trump and Pompeo made up to circumvent Congress.

Posted July 18th, 2019

The House Rebukes Trump on Yemen Again

The House has proven it is willing to use the power of the purse to halt U.S. involvement in an unauthorized foreign war

Posted July 12th, 2019

Biden’s Ho-Hum Foreign Policy Speech

It should be possible to attack Trump on his record without whitewashing all of pre-2016 U.S. foreign policy as Biden did.

Posted July 11th, 2019

Poll: Arms Sales Make the U.S. Less Secure

There is broad consensus among Americans that arms sales are bad for U.S. security

Posted July 11th, 2019

The Iran Obsession and Qatar

There is nothing “clear-eyed” about allowing the Iran obsession to poison every other relationship that the U.S. has.

Posted July 9th, 2019