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King Donald’s Gross Madness

By exhuming the corpse of a dead woman for political entertainment, Trump digs himself and GOP into a deep hole
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Trump continues his insane and malicious Joe Scarborough tweeting this morning:

National Review editorializes:

Trump is clearly driven by his desire to say the most malicious and painful things he can about Scarborough, to take revenge for the former congressman’s now obsessively anti-Trump morning program. The president maintains he doesn’t watch, although this is plainly untrue. The collateral damage is the family of Lori Klausutis, who had to endure her sudden loss and now watch helplessly as the president pushes a deception about her death for his own petty purposes.

It’s unworthy of a partisan blogger, let alone the president of the United States.

You know what Trump isn’t focusing on, while he’s obsessing over being mean to a TV host? A short list:

    • Getting us out of Afghanistan
    • Decoupling us from China
    • Getting the immigration system under control
    • Advancing the protection of religious liberty, under assault by progressives
    • 40 million people out of work
    • 100,000 Americans dead from this virus in two months

Add your own real-world problems that people voted for him to address, but which are going undealt-with while this clown-car driver carries out a malicious, pointless feud with a TV journalist — a feud that torments the family of a dead woman.

Any sane president facing an uphill re-election battle would look at those unemployment numbers and, even if he had no idea how to reverse them, would be working day and night to at least cultivate the image of a chief executive who could think of nothing else right now. But that’s not our president. He is signaling to the country that what really matters to him is that Joe Scarborough has been mean to him, and that it’s more important for him to act like a 4chan shitposter than a president whose country is smack in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Here are excepts from a letter that the dead woman’s widower sent to Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey:

What would you do if you were Klausutis’s husband? If you were her parents, and the President of the United States was using the memory of your dead wife and daughter in a psychotic crusade against a TV host?

Four more years of this filthiness, of this insanity? What will be left of the kinds of things conservatives, including Trumpian conservatives, want to see happen in the policy world? We know how little Trump cares about that: he is busy now trying to sabotage the Senate campaign of Jeff Sessions, who, as a US Senator, was a stalwart advocate of strong immigration restriction.

This fall, 23 Republican US Senators are facing re-election; 12 Democrats are. Imagine being one of those Republicans out on the campaign trail, having to defend deranged garbage like this, especially in a time of job losses like we haven’t seen in almost a century. If Biden wins, and wins by a large enough margin, he could flip the Senate. Imagine what a Democrat president and a unified Democratic Congress could get done. Joe Biden might be half-senile, but you can be sure he wouldn’t waste his presidency as Trump has done, and is doing.



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