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Justice Barrett: God Bless America

Clarence Thomas and the justice he swore in symbolize America's greatness
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Look at that scene at the White House tonight. A black Supreme Court justice swears in a female Supreme Court justice. Both of them are religious believers. Both of them are conservative. They are hated by many black people and women on the Left, because they don’t conform to identity politics stereotypes. But I know their biographies, and I cherish them and respect them. When Justice Thomas was born, in 1948, there had never been a black man on the Supreme Court. When Justice Barrett was born, in 1972, the first female justice was still nine years away.

And now look at the two of them at the White House tonight. They stand for what is best in America.

This is a great day for America, and it was brought to us by the Republican Party (especially Mitch McConnell), and President Donald Trump. I complain about both of them a lot, as a not-entirely-gruntled conservative, but on this hugely important issue, they delivered. Thank you.