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This Video Shows What Justice in a Failed State Looks Like

When the state won’t guarantee order, a much rougher justice prevails.
(Hachik_Oscanyan/WikiMedia Commons)

You may have seen the biggest viral video of the week already, but if you haven’t, here it is:


In Stockton, California, two gentlemen of Indian extraction administered correction to a shameless shoplifter. News reports are fairly thin, but a close and repeated viewing of the footage reveals that, to the gentlemen’s credit, the correction is administered with a professionalism and precision (no blows above the legs) that suggest that this may not be their first time dealing danda justice.

The American Conservative takes a strong line on property rights—three cheers for the stickwallahs. At the same time, the private defense of publicly guaranteed rights is a sign of failure. As far back as Homer, it is recognized that justice administered by a state rather than by private individuals is the ticket. Private justice is an expedient pursued in places like Mexico. Welcome to the future.


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