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Jeffrey Marsh Groomer 101 TikTok Tutorial

Creepy middle-aged cross-dresser appeals to kids to get in touch with their inner trans, and ditch parents
Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 11.53.43 PM

Y'all ever seen that TikTok freak Jeffrey Marsh? Guy who dresses like a woman, and has this eerie, campy, condescending way of speaking that makes you think he's a cartoon villain. Thing is, he's a serious creep, as this clip reveals like nothing I've ever seen of his own. After this, you wouldn't be surprised to see Marsh's tongue flick out and lick his own eyes. You've got to watch:


Jeffrey Marsh is not a marginal figure online. For example, here are his TikTok stats:

I hope that the local police, wherever this weirdo lives, are keeping a close watch on him. This is evil. It's happening right there in plain sight. Your kid, with the laptop or the smartphone you gave them, have access to this guy who engages in groomer behavior. Why? Seriously, why? Why do you allow this thing into your child's life?