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How To Make A Progressive Turn Right

His wife is white and liberal -- but then he points out what kind of future progressivism has in mind for their boys

On another thread, one reader observed that the Trumpists are driving women to the Democrats:

As long as middle class women are voting hard left, and voting in greater than ever numbers, conservatives are going to lose. That is what happened in VA’s elections last year, and in many special elections since. The Left has their useful idiots, and they are female.

Reader Kgasmart responds:

But that can change, and I’d suggest it’s in the early stages of doing so.

My wife is left-ish by nature. Values inclusion, believes gays should have long ago gotten the right to marry, thinks we should ban “assault rifles,” your basic suburban mom political positions.

But then I show her things like this:


And I explain to her that factions on the left will tell her that unless she agrees with this statement, she is a hater, a bigot. And that ultimately, those factions on the left are trying to codify this into law, that should you say “that’s nonsense,” it will be treated as hate speech.

She shakes her head and thinks the left is going insane.

Then I tell her about how leftists on campus are “no platforming” conservative speakers, using disruptive and sometimes violent means of doing so. We’ve taught our own kids to be open minded and respectful, the exact opposite of how the campus radicals behave, so of course this is going to rankle.

She’s the mother of two white boys. So when we see stories like James Damore’s at Google, or now the lawsuit claiming YouTube has stopped hiring white males, she worries about their future in the brave new progressive world we’re creating.

Oh, and then I tell her about the “Drag Queen storytime” at the Boston Public Library and we discuss how soon enough our kids’ schools will adopt policies permitting biological males into our daughter’s bathroom/locker room, and how the gospel of trans is likely coming to our second-grader’s classroom via books like “Jacob’s New Dress” and she gets upset.

Because this, I say, is what our overlords have in mind: It will be pounded into our children’s brains from day one not just that transgender elementary schoolers are a thing, but that we must “celebrate” them; and in fact, we should consider the suggestion, implicit in all of this, that maybe our own children should explore their own “gender identities.”

The culture, in other words, may be in the process of transforming my wife into the conservative she never really was. And I suspect that’s going to become ever more widespread going forward, for if the cultural revolutionaries on the left were content to stand pat for a while and consolidate their gains, they’d likely win lasting victory.

But of course they can’t do that, progressives must ever “progress,” charge ahead to positions that fewer and fewer can support.

Interesting. I hope that Arne Wilberg, the plaintiff in the Google lawsuit, wins a massive victory. Here’s a link to the text of his lawsuit.  In it, the former Google recruiter says that Google followed a clear, well-documented policy of discriminating against white and Asian males in hiring, for the sake of hiring “diverse” candidates, defined as “female,” “black,” and “LatinX”. From the lawsuit:

Got that? A Google executive allegedly told Wilberg and his team to refuse to interview candidates who weren’t female, black, or Hispanic. And then, according to the suit, Google management ordered subordinates to purge all documents indicating that it was discriminating in this way. More from the suit:

Here are a couple of screenshots from internal Google hiring e-mails. These are from a manager instructing Wilberg and other recruiters to hire entirely on the basis of race and gender:

Read the entire lawsuit. It’s worthwhile for the picture it gives of life inside a major corporation. This is the world progressives want: the right to discriminate against and to suppress people on the basis of sex and skin color, but to do so behind closed doors. Remember your Animal Farm catechism: all animals are equal diverse, but some animals are more equal diverse than others. Oh, and some men have a uterus. Never forget the male uterus.

Icons of our progressive future (a href=”https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/pregnant-man-cheerful-couple-woman-surprised-507500242?src=LKXY63PdMwboPuFWfo0KjA-1-2″>A StockStudio/Shutterstock)


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