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Flim-flam artists and propagandists find their Washington tribe in the Bulwark
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This is not going to be of interest to most of you, but I need to post it for the record. The Bulwark has published a piece by an anti-Orban Hungarian focusing on the supposed "international scandal" I caused by my reporting on a meeting with PM Viktor Orban. It is true that my reporting caused the opposition media to freak out. But it says little about me, and everything about how they work. It has been an education for me, that's for sure.

The author accuses me of changing my blog post under government pressure:


Yet Dreher quickly accommodated to the requirements the Orbán regime when, the day after his article appeared, the Hungarian and Ukraine news media started quoting from it. The Hungarian public was especially shocked by Orbán’s statements concerning the EU and the implication that Huxit—Hungary quitting the union—might be on the horizon. For the Ukrainians, currently under siege by the Russian army, Orbán’s sympathy for Putin rather than camaraderie and solidarity with Ukraine were considered the most appalling.

Well. The truth is that I did not change what I wrote, but followed the standard American journalistic practice of clarifying one's meaning when it could have been misinterpreted. There was zero sense in the meeting with Orban that he intends on taking Hungary out of the EU. Rather, when asked if he wanted to be in the EU, Orban said, "Definitely not! But we have to." I went on to explain that the famously anti-EU prime minister went on to say that it's in Hungary's economic and national interest to stay in the EU, and that he just has to suck up being considered a "bastard" (his word) by Brussels, for the good of his country. Everybody in Hungary knows that there is no love between Viktor Orban and the European Union bureaucracy. But nobody has ever seriously suggested that Orban's government will seek to take Hungary out of the EU, membership in which is popular with the Hungarian people.

Yet the opposition media seized on Orban's remarks, as reported by me, to gin up fear among its readership. When Hungarian friends let me know that this was happening, I did the responsible thing, the normal American thing, and rewrote that part of the piece to make it crystal clear what Orban was saying -- and what he was not saying. This is normal -- but apparently in Hungary, to the opposition media, revising your blog post to make it more accurate after becoming aware that some people might misunderstand is the same as being a government stooge. I added that Orban was joking (he smiled when he said, "Definitely not!") because I wanted to make it clear the spirit in which he said his remarks -- remarks he made in front of a room full of writers, any one of whom could have contradicted me had they wanted.

The Hungarian writer of the Bulwark piece writes:

So Rod, employing a solution not uncommon in autocratic countries, rewrote the article to change its meaning. The original headline: “Viktor Orban: ‘We Are In A War With Russia’” was changed to “Viktor Orban: West Is ‘In A War With Russia,’”


I had quoted Orban saying, "We are in a war with Russia." But later, when I realized that someone might think the Hungarian leader was saying that Hungary itself was in a war with Russia, I slightly changed the headline to make it clear that the PM was talking about the NATO alliance's de facto condition -- one that he has been warning against since the war began.

The Bulwark scribe writes:

Dreher left unchanged Orbán’s disparaging remarks about Ukraine, a country that is putting up a valiant fight against the Russian aggression—and, as could be expected, this caused a diplomatic row. (The fact that Orbán did in fact utter the disparaging remarks about Ukraine reported by Dreher is corroborated by another report by an attendee at the meeting, published in German.)

You'd think that if I was determined to do Orban's bidding, I would have edited out those remarks. Nope -- the PM said them. So what? He told the truth. He has always condemned Russia's invasion, but his broader point that evening was that Russia is not going to let Ukraine enter NATO, no matter what, and is determined to wreck Ukraine to keep it from joining the West. Orban said this as part of a general discussion about how continuing the war only guarantees the ruin of Ukraine. It is, of course, completely understandable that the neocon Bulwark, which never met a war it didn't embrace, would jump on this and distort it, as part of the massive pro-war propaganda campaign. Nevertheless, even if it chaps the Zelensky government's backside, it remains true that Ukraine is being savaged by the Russian army, which Orban reasonably believes won't be forced out without making the place ungovernable.

A German journalist, Roland Tichy, was there too, and wrote about it. Here's something from the (rough) Google translation of his report:

Orbán destroys the hope that sooner or later Putin will give up the war. After all, presidential elections are coming up, and losers in the war don't win elections, even rigged ones. Russia is also indifferent to the isolation in the West; rather, it confirms the feeling that the world does not understand Russia and that the country stands on its own. And Russia has now converted its economy into a war economy. The replenishment of weapons and ammunition is running, the war machine has been started. The Hungarian prime minister is not the pro-Russian man he likes to be portrayed as. He says he knows their cruelty; after all, in 1956 the then Prime Minister and predecessor Imre Nagy was hanged by the Russians. But knowledge of the opponent is more helpful than unreflected self-confidence.

Part of the analysis is that there is no indication of Russian weakness. History just repeats itself. In wars, Russia is initially weak - the result of corruption, sloppiness, incompetent commanders, monstrous tactical errors. But very soon turn to Russia around, mobilize his powers and learn fast. This is also the experience that the German Wehrmacht had to make after sensational initial successes. Ukraine also initially managed to inflict massive defeats on Russia. But now Russia is entering the second phase, backed by its industrial war machine and capable population. Now it can and will mobilize many soldiers - a multiple of what Ukraine is not able to do in terms of numbers alone. Russia plays for time, always, and sees time on its side in this war as well.  Of course, high-tech weapons are valuable - but in the end the war will be decided with the boots on the ground.

Orbán draws his conclusions from this analysis. Neither the US, and certainly not the EU, had any discernible strategy other than strengthening Ukraine's legitimate resistance. "First it was 5,000 helmets, now it's tanks," he mocks the gradual escalation of the Scholz government. Fighter planes are already being demanded. Logically, if Ukraine runs out of men sooner rather than later, ground troops will eventually be inevitable. 

But what is Russia's war plan? The conquest of Ukraine is not - and here is the word that enrages Kyiv: A conquest of Ukraine would be followed immediately by a merciless guerrilla war. The horrors of war have destroyed any willingness in Ukraine to accept a puppet regime dependent on Russia. “And then Ukraine does not belong to anyone. Afghanization is taking place.” It was precisely after the occupation of Afghanistan by Russian troops that Russia experienced its bitterest defeat in the brutal, self-destructive guerrilla war – which had already lasted against the Soviet occupation into the 1950s. War aims, says Orbán, develop in war. Russia had to give up its initial goals.

Russia is now aiming for a buffer zone roughly along the Donbas contact line, which is now contested. The total destruction, literally scorched earth, brutal devastation and destruction together with the digging in and fortifications of the Russian army are the indication. A kind of “death zone” between western Ukraine and NATO on the one hand and Russia on the other?

Orbán sees this as an opportunity and calls for an immediate ceasefire. Then things get tedious, with preparatory groups and the UN and wise men conducting the negotiations. Areas would have to be defined, conditions formulated and negotiated, guarantees promised - a process lasting more than months.

Such a ceasefire, however, is ruled out by Kyiv, which has declared the goal of recapturing the territories occupied by Russia - as is currently by the USA, which is far from hostilities. In Europe, on the other hand, Germany is the bitter loser: It has to buy expensive LNG from the USA instead of cheap pipeline gas; it has lost its privileged position as a US partner to Poland. The economy is booming there, while it is collapsing in Germany. Germany suffer. Its national interest is clear, but it cannot follow it. Also because the Greens have proven to be "America's best friends in German history".

You see? Viktor Orban is a foreign policy realist. He is saying things that the pro-war side in Kyiv, Brussels, and Washington do not want to hear -- but that the American people, and European peoples, really need to hear. Our media in the US -- including the jingoes at The Bulwark -- want the American people to think that this war is winnable by Kyiv. It is also undoubtedly the case, as Orban says, that Europe obeying without question war plans made in Washington hurts their own interests. As Orban said in the meeting, the tragedy of Germany is that its leaders perfectly well know that continuing to support the war is not in its national interest -- but its leaders won't say so, or act on that knowledge.

One also understands why the Kyiv government would be upset by the PM's remarks. It depends on keeping up false hope that it can decisively defeat Russia, and even drive it out of Ukraine. Orban plainly said that he has no illusions about Russia's supposed good will. He's simply trying to focus on what's really going on there, and is likely to go on, not on the illusions entertained by policymakers in Washington and in European capitals.

Maybe Viktor Orban is wrong in his judgment. I don't think so, but maybe he is. Still, the American people and the European peoples need to hear his perspective, so they will understand the potential consequences of this war that their leaders and the mainstream media class are pushing. You American readers should be aware, though, that there are plenty of people in Budapest and Washington -- including writers and editors, like the Bulwarkistas -- who consider it their interest to distort Orban's words in an attempt to inflame passions against him. Y'all are being played by these people.

I must say that this has been a lesson for me. In the US, if a journalist observed that his reporting had, for whatever reason, caused confusion in readers, it is standard practice to update with clarification. There's nothing scandalous about it. That's not how the opposition press works here. What is harder to anticipate as a foreigner in this country is how the actual words of a public figure like Orban will be taken deliberately out of context to making him look bad, and then an attempt not to change the reporting, but to make it more clear the broader contextual meaning of Orban's remarks, will be construed as somehow sucking up to the government. I mean, look, I've never hidden the fact that I'm fond of Orban, but I am not going to write what he wants me to write for the sake of pleasing him. And nobody in his government asked me to!

Lesson learned. These people are jackals, the opposition press. The Hungarian writer who freelanced this piece for the Bulwark has found his tribe in DC.

UPDATE: I wanted to know who the Hungarian writer of the Bulwark piece, Balazs Gulyas, is, so I Googled, Google-translated, etc. Turns out that he keeps raffish company. Gulyas is a regular on an online talk show from the office of his magazine, Magyar Hang (Hungarian Voice), alongside a Hungarian journalist called Sandor Pörzse. Pörzse used to be the editor-in-chief of Barikad, the now-defunct newspaper of the far-right party Jobbik. If you depend on the American media to inform you about Hungarian politics, you probably think Viktor Orban and his Fidesz party are the "far right." Nope. They're center right. Jobbik is far right. Really far right. Back in 2010, this was the cover of one issue:

That's a famous statue in Budapest of St. Gellert. In reality, the stone St. Gellert is holding a cross. The magazine has replaced it with a menorah. Headline reads: "Wake Up, Budapest! Is this what you want?" The same issue had a number of articles warning about a Jewish takeover of the country. In the Holocaust, 550,000 Hungarian Jews went to their deaths in the Nazi camps.

At the time, Pörzse, who also once served as a Jobbik MP, was the editor-in-chief. You can read about it in this post from the Hungarian Spectrum website. It's worth pointing out that Jobbik was officially part of the anti-Orban coalition in last spring's election. That's correct: the center left joined with the far left and the far right to oppose Orban. They lost, thank God, otherwise Jobbik would be in the government.

Do you know this about Hungarian politics? That to vote against Viktor Orban's Fidesz party last spring and for the opposition coalition meant voting to give Jobbik a ministerial role in the new government, had the coalition won? If not, why do you think it is that the same US media who love to falsely portray Viktor Orban as anti-Semitic, simply because he criticizes George Soros, declined to report that the anti-Orban coalition included a far-right, historically anti-Semitic party?

In the conservative weekly Mandiner, there's a piece about the online talk show in which Gulyas appears chit-chatting with Pörzse and others. I don't know who these others are. Maybe they're fine folks, but dang, that Pörzse is a piece of work. The story mentions that in the discussion between the 36 and 39 minute mark, Pörzse complains that the "cigok" (a slur for Roma people) "own the metal trade." People fall silent for a second, stunned by the racist remark. Gulyas then laughs and says "the old Pörzse is back!" Back in 2019, a Hungarian website asked the editors of the magazine that sponsors the online talk show why they gave a permanent guest slot to the anti-Semitic Pörzse, who once told a campaign rally "the Rosensteins cannot take the place of the Hungarians," and said that if Hungarian politics didn't address the Jewish question, then "Rosenstein's child" would eventually get the job meant for Magyar children.

True, Balazs Gulyas is not Sandor Pörzse, and simply associating with Pörzse does not make Gulyas guilty of anti-Semitism. Still, it's pretty funny that Bill Kristol's website is so eager to rip Viktor Orban and me that they run the critical work of a Budapest-based journalist who laughs at racist slurs and shares a talkshow panel with a regular guest -- not a one-timer, but a regular -- who is a notorious Jew-hater. I wonder if any of the Bulwark's staff writers would be able to keep their jobs there if they routinely appeared as a talk show guest alongside an open anti-Semite.


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Bogdán Emil
Bogdán Emil
In my humble opinion, calling the entire opposition press "jackals" based on this art happening is unreasonable, though there are certainly some cackling jackals among them, whose kindred are also sometimes present in the government press.

I think your original article speaks for itself, and it shows that you are an honest player, and also that you had a part in this teacup tempest that was whipped into a small tornado for a few days. In your first update, you took out the "definitely not" because it was misleading, fine, but you amended it insufficiently. You "clarified the headline and a quote" but didn't explain that the tricky quote was actually meant to be a joke, and you did make the quote disappear. Okay, so that looked a bit odd, and people pushed you about it, hence, you returned with the full quote, explanation and notes.

I have gotten into much worse jams, even on the internet, so I don't see why any of it needs to be blown out of proportion, including by the so-called jackals.
schedule 1 year ago
Bogdán Emil
Bogdán Emil
Quoting the Bulwark ogre:

"...in an autocratic country like Orbán’s Hungary, friendly agents in the media (I’m intentionally eschewing the word “journalist”) are not allowed to write down and publish exactly what they heard if it goes against the interests of their politicians/employers. (Such a blunder could never happen in a Hungarian paper controlled directly by Orbán. Even if a Hungarian equivalent to Dreher wrote an article that would be damaging for the Orbán government, editors working for the party-state would never let it see the light of day.)"

How exactly is the country autocratic? I understand that this critic might be hinting at the truth when it comes to the state media, which are indeed pretty slavish and uncritical, however, this whole "Definitely not!" story made it all around the opposition media on multiple platforms, including print, radio, internet and TV, and even high-ranking and respectable opposition figures like Szent-Iványi István commented on it. There was no failure of an open press, for those who wish to hear it.

You want proof? Here is the Bulwark article by Balázs Gulyás:

"The Hungarian public was especially shocked by Orbán’s statements concerning the EU and the implication that Huxit—Hungary quitting the union—might be on the horizon."

Pray tell, if the free press is suppressed and Orbán is keeping Hungarians hypnotized with his media empire run by acolytes instead of journalists, how was the Hungarian public so well-informed about this art happening? Oh, I see. A slip of the tongue. Fine. Well, here's another one:

"By the way, “Left media” as Orbán uses that term, refers to what remains of the independent media in Hungary."

So, you're saying there is independent media in Hungary? But not much remains of it. Hence, I have a proposition: if the Hungarian free and independent media has been thinned out and hollowed out, it might be the case that only the cream of the crop has remained. But even if it isn't, you can still see some of the guys who used to have fancy studios years ago now running a YouTube channel, and presenting the news bitterly on it. Sometimes barefoot. Check out Magyar Hang, for example. Do you want to convince people to agree with you about the prime minister and international politics, while barefoot? A grown man?

Finally, even him, even the barefoot hobbit, as well as all the insightful liberal AND conservative opposition analysts conclude that the Orbán government/regime is purely an expression of the Magyar id, like it or not. He's giving the people what they want, until they no longer want it. Get used to it, and put on a tie, and some shoes.
schedule 1 year ago
    Bogdán Emil
    Bogdán Emil
    "friendly agents in the media (I’m intentionally eschewing the word “journalist”) are not allowed to write down and publish exactly what they heard if it goes against the interests of their politicians/employers."

    I would say instead of "not allowed to" that they "do not want to." The government media in Hungary does not appear to operate under any coercion whatsoever, to the contrary, they appear very happy to be in power and exercising it.

    I do not presume that there is no corruption in the government or in the media, far from it. But, it is fair to say that Magyar opposition figures who claim that their country is not a democracy are lying, or have totally lost their perspective.

    Furthermore, their views aren't monolithic. There are plenty of Hungarians in opposition, liberal and conservative, who know that they are dealing with a legitimate phenomenon, which acquired power democratically and holds on to it by popular will.
    schedule 1 year ago
    Bogdán Emil
    Bogdán Emil
    Lastly, let me rise to the defense of those conservative Hungarian journalists, analysts, talking heads and politicos who are employed by the notorious Fidesz government media, and who also do their jobs. Sure, there are some who act like "agents" of the government, boot-lickers and fawners, and then there are others who do great work presenting the complex and needed national conservative perspective, and they additionally invite opposing viewpoints into their studios. Yes, into their dreaded gubmint studios. Now and then, liberals step in and say hello, and speak. So, the Magyar liberals not only have their own channels, which are pretty diverse and numerous, where they sometimes invite the conservatives for a chat, but the pro-Fidesz conservatives ensconced in the state media also cross-pollinate. They invite liberals. Not a lot, but steadily.

    There is conversation. Every Magyar knows this. So what kind of autocracy is that?

    Meanwhile, do you know what you will never ever, almost never hear about from the Liberals and Lefties of Hungary, still? The national minorities over the border. Those hippie pricks just ignore us constantly. Rare is the hour when we're even mentioned, much less addressed, much less explored, valued, defended. No, that job falls to Fidesz, Orbán, and the conservatives. They declared that the Magyar nation consists of 15 million, while the Left voted against recognizing us and giving us dual citizenship. They rejected our love of Magyarorszag. It's a national tragedy. It's a political crime, really, a complete betrayal of ideals.

    The truth is, things in Hungary are pretty much exactly as they should be. Not perfect, but quite apt.
    schedule 1 year ago
Chris Karr
Chris Karr
“I mean, look, I've never hidden the fact that I'm fond of Orban, but I am not going to write what he wants me to write for the sake of pleasing him. And nobody in his government asked me to!”

Take a step outside yourself and look at this situation as someone outside would. A couple of problems:

1. Your livelihood and continued stay in Hungary MAY be a function of you keeping your fellowship funders happy. I use MAY, as you haven’t – to my knowledge – ever disclosed how much your fellowship is for and how that compares to any compensation you are currently earning for your enchantment book. Given that you have disclosed that you’re basically an intellectual talent scout / recruiter for the Orbán regime, it’s entirely reasonable to believe that if you do go against your funding regime, your Hungarian gravy train of oysters, beers, and Southern rock on the Danube comes to a screeching halt. On the financial side, you can have privacy or you can have credibility. At this point, it is impossible (from an outside observer’s perspective) to have both. You need to pick which is more valuable to you.

2. You claim that you will not “write what he wants me to write for the sake of pleasing him”, but there’s ZERO evidence that what people are actually interested in is true – whether you will write anything that DISpleases him. After a couple of years of harping on how Zuboff’s surveillance capitalism book was something everyone needed to read, you went pretty silent on the topic of digital surveillance once it came to light that Orbán deployed Pegasus spyware against journalists in Hungary. Or written anything (as a fellow on the religion beat) about the conflict between the Hungarian gov’t and the Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship (and its leader – Orbán’s former pastor) who are critical of Orbán’s governance.

3. If you’re going to play the "standard practices in journalism" card – and I hope you continue to do so – you’ve done precious little to engage folks on the record and in a manner that others can use to validate what you’re writing is accurate. Cite more of the taxi drivers and people at the bar BY NAME in your pieces so that other journalists can follow-up if interested, and we know that you’re not just making up people to quote for your stories. (And if regular Hungarians won’t go on the record with their name, as is usual in other places, ask yourself why that might be.) At the very least, engage and report on the Orbán opposition figures who ARE interested in getting their names out there and raising their profiles. You don't have to write fawning pieces on them, but some signal that you're reporting on these things accurately would be helpful.

As we’ve gone around in the past, I’m not your editor, so I don’t really expect you to go outside your own head and see how this looks to an outside observer and adjust course accordingly. However, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if you do, and your coverage of your local patrons swerves away from the Tiger Beat fanboy tone that it has now to something a bit more suitable for a man of your age and journalistic history.
schedule 1 year ago
    Chris Karr
    Chris Karr
    Also - stop pretending that you didn't stealth-edit the piece that's gotten you into hot water and acknowledge that you screwed up. Adding the update later with your notes was helpful, but that should have been in the same revision where you changed the quotes and doctored the title.
    schedule 1 year ago
      Chris Karr
      Chris Karr
      And in the interest of transparency and honesty, I'd like to retract the stealth-edit accusation above. I recall seeing a version of the post with the edited title and without ANY update, but the Internet Archive is not backing me up on that.

      The local TAC Wordpress logs and version tracking could clear up whether my recollection is correct or not, but I don't expect to see those. Folks interested in corroborating this can look at the versions captured on the Wayback Machine:


      The Jan. 26 21:40:25 snapshot is the latest pre-edited version, while the next one on Jan. 27 at 07:30:05 HAS the first small update.

      In the absence of the evidence to support my charge, I 100% apologize for the stealth-edit accusation and likely was over my skis on that one. I stand behind 100% its parent comment though.
      schedule 1 year ago
Fran Macadam
Fran Macadam
Pretty much anyone who is legitimately resisting stumbling into World War III will receive this organized media calumny. There are no limits to what the morally unhinged will do to those trying not to live by all the lies being propagandized. As Kipling put it, if you can keep your head when all those about are losing their reason, then you are a champion for mankind. Those leading us into destruction are in every sense suicidal fools, animated by the same antihuman nemesis that causes people to kill others then be killed in turn. Who is the author of lies, whose demonic influence now dominates their own lost judgement?
schedule 1 year ago
Fran Macadam
Fran Macadam
I'm with Rod's journalistic judgment on this, 100%. The accountable and responsible journalist amends his reporting to best tell the truth. As the CJR article about the lies propagated for the Russiagate hoax expose, the problem is when falsehoods are propagated by journalists and then instead of correction, lies are doubled down on.
schedule 1 year ago
Fran Macadam
Fran Macadam
Intentionally propagating lies for activist, partisan purpose by reporters really is Fake News. The purpose is to deceive the readers to manufacture public opinion to allow policies that would never be approved if people knew the truth. The result if successful is Potemkin democracy, making those who contemptuously mispractice journalism in this way, genuinely enemies of the people.
schedule 1 year ago
Peter Kurilecz
Peter Kurilecz
thanks for the update. i've recommended your articles about Orban to several people here in the States
schedule 1 year ago
Bogdán Emil
Bogdán Emil
"Jobbik is far right. Really far right. Back in 2010..."

If you're still interested in journalism, I will repeat that you couldn't be more wrong about Jobbik. Your evidence is from 13 years ago. Yes, back then, they were far right in some aspects. But political parties do evolve with conditions, and in Hungary, that includes everyone. The idea that Jobbik today is a far right party is absurd to anyone who speaks Hungarian. It's a mentally and morally disturbed lie, whoever told you about it. Look up Brenner Kolomán and Márton Gyöngyösi if you want to know Jobbik today. They're a small center-right party, one quarter of their previous size, who have completely moderated and shrunk. Picking on them like this is immoral, and it's not journalism.

Look up Márton Gyöngyösi on Wikipedia.

Look up jobbik.com

"That's correct: the center left joined with the far left and the far right to oppose Orban. They lost, thank God, otherwise Jobbik would be in the government."

I repeat, this is embarrassing nonsense, and I'm personally offended that you would try to normalize it as a Narrative, after I already explained it to you clearly that the most "far-right" political party in Hungary is called Mi Hazánk Mozgalom. They split apart from Jobbik starting after the 2018 defeat. However, even Mi Hazánk isn't some horror show. Viktor Orbán shook their hand.

Look up mihazank.hu

There are also no "far left" parties in Hungary. That is why in the 2022 cycle, the Left and the opposition Right were able to unite against Fidesz. Jobbik and LMP were able to sit at the same table because they are not fundamentally extremists. How else could they come up with a common program?

Hungary is a small country, and everyone kind of knows each other. I mean that literally. It's really a small country, with a small elite. And you may want to be careful about stepping out of one unhealthy family dynamic, and into another one.

However, if you want to engage in the most vicious kind of democratic politics that doesn't descend into bloodshed, it's just Magyars who are supposed to love each other going at each other's throats, insanely lying and throwing tantrums and acting stupid very comfortably, then maybe you've found the right environment for releasing your frustrations, after all.

These are MY people. Don't try to break us down into black and white pawns, Rod. Fidesz handlers and Orbán Viktor himself are mere humans. They are just as capable of error and coverup and lying as anyone else. Power corrupts, which is why power should be questioned in an open environment. Jobbik, meanwhile, is not in power. Jobbik is also not the same party it was in 2010.

You, Rod Dreher, have met three times in an intimate setting with the Hungarian Prime Minister, one of the most important people on the planet.

What is the toughest question you have asked him?
schedule 1 year ago
Bogdán Emil
Bogdán Emil
I do not understand why my comment is awaiting moderation just because I put links in there.

However, I took the links out, because the last time I left a comment in "awaiting moderation" status it was never published. So, whatever, and here's a test:

schedule 1 year ago
    Bogdán Emil
    Bogdán Emil
    Now I understand. Include one hyperlink: published. Include two hyperlinks or more: wait for moderation.
    schedule 1 year ago
Bogdán Emil
Bogdán Emil
Regarding Gulyás Balázs, he has a YouTube channel with 780 subscribers. So go to YouTube, and put in the following search, check out the 1 minute video:

Puzsér, január: Nem lehet a Fideszt Hódmezővásárhelyen legyőzni! Gulyás: De!

The first face you will see is Csintalan Sándor, who occasionally goes barefoot on the internet version of this cancelled show these days. The second face you see is Gulyás Balázs. These are some of the clowns who used to be on television openly rooting for the Left and attacking the Right. Now their conservative counterparts are on the same channel, with an updated set, rooting for the Right and attacking the Left.

These guys, however, have not been silenced. They have lost their TV studio, but there are others still available, like ATV, and of course there are plenty of other platforms. They run their mouths. But yes, it's true, Fidesz fired them and replaced them with their own guys, so they are mad. They are also incompetent and unrepresentative of the nation as a whole, as should be clear from the video.
schedule 1 year ago
Bogdán Emil
Bogdán Emil
In the interest of the most Real, here is my peace offering, in my opinion probably the greatest story ever told, except for the Bible, and maybe some others. Regardless, it is an instant classic, being the origin myth of the Hungarians. It is a story about two brothers, the forefathers of the Hungarian nation, which is forever a brotherhood. The idea of national brotherhood harkens back to our days on the steppe, living in tribal confederations. They were multi-ethnic in reality, because you could enter the tribal alliance through a blood-oath. Yes, even Americans can join, in theory. Anyone can ride with us under the broad sky, if they're committed to the cause. The myth presents a divinely ordained seed to the many branches of the brotherhood, binding the steppe people together via their most common pursuit: the hunt. The story is authentic as can be, featuring bride-napping, an ancient nomad habit still practiced by rural Kyrgyz, our Central Asian cousins. However, the presence of Nimrod of Genesis, "a mighty hunter before the Lord," also hints at Mesopotamian roots, or at least a significant branch, probably inherited through the Persians, whom we also consider our kin. King Dul in the story is an Alan, for example, which was an Iranian tribe. It should be noted that the history is so ancient that this phase doesn't even involve Hungary. It is the journey, led by a god-animal, from Nimrod's kingdom to "Scythia," which here refers specifically to the area around the Sea of Azov, currently contested by Ukraine and Russia. This version of the legend was composed by Móra Ferenc, aka "Francis" Móra.


Like a bird that flies from branch to branch, so flies the legend of the origin of the Magyars, from one mouth to another. A father tells his son, who later will tell his own son. One day, you too will tell your offspring about where we came from, and how we ended up in this beautiful country.

Listen well!

Once upon a time, wherever it was, somewhere far to the distant East there lived a famous and great king, who was called Nimród. A hundred cattlemen, a thousand horse herders, plentiful cattle and great herds of horses belonged to this king. He was not as proud of any of that, though, as he was of his two sons. The older one was named Hunor, the younger one was called Magyar. They were both worthy and well-made lads. Their eyes were eagles, their hands were lightning.

Nimród was a great hunter, and his sons accompanied him wherever he chased the wild game.

His wife, Queen Eneth, even mentioned it to him: “This will come to no good, my lord king, if the hunt becomes their favorite thing because of you.”

“As God wills it,” replied the old king. “I’m just glad that I don’t have to fear for them, because they can already handle the beasts of the wilderness.”

In time, the lads went out to hunt without their father.

One day, they were hunting by the borders of their father’s kingdom, both with their entourages. Fifty handsome lads followed Hunor, fifty proud fellows rode with Magyar. They shot down countless birds from the sky with their arrows, and felled a slew of fierce animals with their spears.

The two brothers were about ready to turn homeward, when suddenly a great stag appeared in front of them. However, this was a stag unlike anything they had ever seen before. It was white as snow, with shining eyes like diamonds, and the branches of its antlers crowned its head like a wreath.

“Well, we can’t leave this one here, can we?!” shouted Hunor, leaping onto his horse.

“The best thing would be to catch it alive, and bring it back to our mother!” answered Magyar, jumping on his steed as well. And they were off! With their hundred brave hunters, after the enchanted stag! Across the fields and over the bushes, up the mountains, down the valleys, through the forests, into clearings, over meadows and pastures.

They chased the stag from morning until nightfall, but simply could not capture it. When seemingly they just about had it in their grasp, the gorgeous creature took an enormous leap into a wet, treacherous marshland, where they finally lost sight of it completely.

The lads glanced at each other.

“Brother, I would like to know where we've ended up,” said Magyar.

They looked around, and found they were in an incredibly beautiful land. Silken grass covered its grazing fields, honeyed fruit hung from its trees, its forests were full of deer, a wealth of fish were teeming in its rivers.

“Ah, my brother, this is exactly where I would strike my tent!” sighed Hunor.

“But our father’s and mother’s hearts would break if they never saw us again,” replied Magyar.

“They will see us again!” said Hunor, turning his horse around. “We're going back to our parents, and we will ask for their blessing!”

And they did return home to the elders. King Nimród approved of their wishes, only Queen Eneth worried: “Oh, my sweet children, what will become of you in that wild place? Who will cook for you, who will wash your clothes for you?”

“God will provide eventually for that, as well,” said the old king, encouraging his wife. And, so it happened. When the king’s sons returned to the island with their hundred braves, they could already hear the sound of joyful music while approaching. The neighboring King Dul’s two daughters were merrymaking, each with their fifty best girlfriends. They were dancing happily and playing hide and seek, floating about in the moonlight like lilies in the wind.

Hunor, Magyar, and their entourage all looked at each other.

“Well, boys, it looks like we will have someone to cook for us and clean after us! This is going to be one big wedding!”

And that is what happened! They rode right up to them, each one took a girl into his saddle, and he said to her: “I will be your husband, you will be my wife. Only the undertaker’s spade and hoe can separate us.”

Hunor and Magyar married the two princesses. And they divided the country among themselves. Its western half belonged to Hunor’s people, and they were known as the Huns. The eastern half belonged to Magyar and his warriors, and their descendants were called the Magyars.

The name of this land was Scythia. And may this beautiful tale continue flying from mouth to mouth.
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Bogdán Emil
Bogdán Emil
I just listened to Gyurcsány's entire speech reflecting on the new year and the tasks ahead for the opposition.

Orbán and Fidesz have nothing to worry about. The Hungarian liberals don't have an answer, they don't have anything except total defiance. He mentioned Russia, separation of church and state, atheists and Gypsies, but not a word about the Magyars living outside Hungary. And nothing inspiring, nothing grounded. They don't realize that this is a family affair, and you can't insult family like that.

They have learned nothing. Hence, Magyar conservatives will continue to govern Magyarország for the foreseeable future, and this is a good thing, overall.
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