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Long Live the Debate Club Nerds

We need more long-form argument, not less, and maybe high schoolers can point the way.

Generation Airbnb is Ruining the Foreign Travel Experience

Remote bookings, generic coffee shops, carefully vetted spaces and interactions—why leave home at all?

The Myth of a Christian Revival in Eastern Europe

Nations like Hungary are supposedly embracing Christianity as an alternative to liberalism. The reality is something very different.

The Movie That Predicted France’s Upheaval

From seething suburbs and police brutality to more recent riots, 1995’s ‘La Haine’ shows a culture unraveling.

Bloody, Cosmopolitan Sarajevo

The city where World War I began has reinvented itself as a multicultural haven, yet the ghosts still linger.

Crying ‘Fascist’ in Eastern Europe

Those who see the specter of authoritarianism in Poland and Hungary are making a huge mistake.

Viktor Orbán Isn’t the Illiberal Revolutionary You Think He Is

But even those who sympathize with him should keep their eyes open.

The Subtle Return of German Hegemony

It’s inevitable and it won’t be like previous eras. In fact, America may have reason to welcome a more powerful Berlin.

‘Orbán or Turbans’: Hungary’s Wild Election

As Westerners griped, Hungarians rallied to defend what they saw as their national sovereignty under attack.

Hungary’s Acela Corridor

What the contrast between Budapest and the rest tells us about our own cultural divide.

What If Rousseau Was Right?

New book argues man’s ‘progression’ into agriculture and civilization was really a mistake.