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Roger Stone, Well-Tailored Visionary

No, GQ, he isn't adopting the wardrobe of the 'far right.' Though his working-class politics is here to stay.
Will Collins December 12, 2019

Think Hate Speech Laws Will Work? Just Look at Europe

Such restrictions have done nothing to stop extremism while concealing issues that badly need attention.
Will Collins November 13, 2019

As Went the British, So Will Go America’s Empire

From far-flung foreign obsessions to failing industry, the parallels are striking.
Will Collins October 4, 2019

The Revival of European Identity Politics

It isn't just nationalism—subnational groups are reasserting themselves, posing a challenge to the clumsy EU.
Will Collins August 14, 2019

Teaching in an Era of Meritocracy

We need an educational system that allows a multitude of students to thrive, including through vocational training.
Will Collins June 27, 2019

Brutal Truths

Socialism may have birthed brutalism. But capitalism has given us barren strip malls, cookie-cutter exurbs, and Rem Koolhaas’s “generic city.”
Will Collins June 7, 2019

In Trump-Orbán Summit, Populism’s Critics Have a Chance to Grow Up

Instead of howling about fascism, why not acknowledge the Hungary PM's points while criticizing his excesses?
Will Collins May 14, 2019

Long Live the Debate Club Nerds

We need more long-form argument, not less, and maybe high schoolers can point the way.
Will Collins April 2, 2019