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Good Trouble: A Sitdown with Marjorie Taylor Greene

“I was told, ‘Marjorie, when you get to D.C., they are going to come down on you. It’s going to be like hot fire raining down on you.’”

Former President Trump Holds Rally In Warren, Michigan

When Marjorie Taylor Greene entered office in January 2021, she was a relatively little known member of the House of Representatives. That was until Media Matters, a progressive media machine notorious for its shoddy but shameless tactics, published a story on January 31, 2021, about a no longer available Facebook post dated November 17, 2018.

The post, which Greene said at the time was pure “speculation,” claimed that the massive Northern California Camp Fire earlier that month could have been caused by a space solar generator that misfired, linking then California governor Jerry Brown, PG&E, and Rothschild Inc. vice chairman Roger Kimmel, who sits on PG&E’s board, to the fire.


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