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The Culture War In Four Minutes

Hero old coot fights back against aggressive tranny. Disney queers Muppet Babies by turning child Gonzo into cross-dresser
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I was on a panel at the MCC Feszt in Esztergom at which I was asked if the culture war was real? I have found it difficult to express to Hungarians how very real it is. I find that those who don’t pay a lot of attention to American culture struggle to imagine that it’s as insane as it is. It’s always good to have a fellow American present for these conversations, to back me up. It is a sign of how sane Hungary is as a country that Hungarians — even liberal ones — can’t grasp that something so insane could actually happen in America.

This clip is making the rounds. It is a pure distillation of the culture war — and due to foul language, it is doubleplus Not Safe For Work! Here’s the set-up. In working-class Aberdeen, Washington, the elderly owner of a Star Wars memorabilia shop had a sign up denying that trans women are women. A trans woman (that is, a man who presents as a woman) came to the store with a confederate to confront the old man, film the confrontation, and post it to social media to show what a horrible man the old fellow is. Not wanting trouble, the old man removed the sign when he spotted the trans in the store. But that wasn’t enough. The trans got all up in his business — and he (verbally) punched back, hard.

Keep in mind that this confrontation was filmed by the partner of the trans person. They think it makes the old man look bad. I think it makes him look heroic. And I think this old man speaks for many of us. In fact, I know he does.

Aside from the obvious culture war clash, what is especially interesting to me is how this trans troll went out of his way to track down this old guy to not only tell him off, but to have the telling-off filmed so that the trans troll could become a hero to online Social Justice Warriors. The persecutorial aspect of wokeness is perhaps its most distinctive characteristic. They can never let any sin go unpunished. All sinners must live in terror of the woke virtuous.

We are an insane country, though, so crotchety old storekeepers in working-class towns have to live in fear of being attacked by Social Justice Warriors, and having their name and business destroyed.

Here’s how sick and evil these creeps are. Disney — Disney! — is now grooming little children for sexual identity problems. They’ve turned the Muppet Baby Gonzo into a cross-dresser. I’m not kidding:

They really are coming for our children. And so, let us reflect on how in Hungary, thanks to a law passed by the Fidesz government this summer, this kind of thing would be illegal. Hungarian parents know that their government is on the side of their family, not the side of major corporations who seek to poison the minds of little kids. Hungary is ruled by a man. America’s men won’t even fight these corporate freaks on behalf of our own children.



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