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Evergreen, Ever Crazy

The implosion continues at the progressive campus bedlam

Things just keep getting worse at Evergreen State College in Crazypants, Washington:

An official at Evergreen State College sent a memo to students Sunday asking an apparent group of campus vigilantes who have taken to patrolling the grounds armed with bats or batons to end the practice, according to an email forwarded to The College Fix. 

The email was from Vice President for Student Affairs Wendy Endress, who in her memo addressed to “colleagues” included the message sent to students Sunday by Sharon Goodman, director of Evergreen’s Residential and Dining Service, or RAD, asking the “community patrol” to lay down its weapons.

Thugs marching around campus like brownshirts with clubs in hand, to protect people from … student dissent:

Endress, in her June 5 email to colleagues, asked them to counsel students to “embrace choices that de-escalates.” She goes on to cite an email she received from an Evergreen professor who is concerned for one of her pupils.

The Evergreen student had told the professor that “Because I had shown some criticism to the protest that was occurring on campus in earlier weeks I have become targeted and harassed by a wide number of students on campus. Recently there have been a number of students who patrol lower campus with weapons like baseball bats and tasers who claim to be making the campus safer but in reality are making campus more hostile.”

It’s not just students. At this page, watch a video clip of a black professor on campus cursing out her fellow professors for dissent. Excerpt from the monologue:

This is about THEIR needs. And that Equity Council handed you — handed you! — a way to do this EASILY!

We put so much fu*kin’ work– you know, one of the things we talked about is, “Oh, we gotta have a process.” You know how many people on that Council got anything like release time to do that work? About a grand. So when, exactly, were we gonna have time to sit there and wax FU*KING POETIC for YOUR benefit about SH*T that has been in the works– We are literally asking for the same sh*t that students have been asking for since the ’70s!

NONE of this is new! None of it! You should know this! …

I am sick! Put in a lot of goddamn effort. Listen to these people talk SH*T to you for seven FU*KING YEARS.

So no, I don’t want to hear about it. So what I am saying is what I said at the start: You can go inside and you can listen to the students and what they’re trying to say, or you can take your ass home! That is it!

Biologist Jerry Coyne says that the Seattle Times has editorialized against the crackpot college, pointing out that its enrollment has plummeted even though the school, with an acceptance rate of over 98 percent, accepts anyone with a pulse who applies. Coyne adds:

If Evergreen State’s enrollment has dropped steeply in the last 6 years, well, that’s nothing compared with what is to come. Students throwing rocks through windows, threats phoned in to shoot a lot of people, student “vigilantes” roaming the campus with baseball bats—what parent would want to send their kid to such a school, even if they did accept the po-mo and often ridiculous classes the students have to take? (Evolutionary biology seems to be a welcome exception.)

The fracas at ESC may not be, as I predicted, a turning point in the Left’s coddling of its regressive element, or of authoritarian students dominating the discourse on campuses, but it surely presages hard times for ESC—and that’s deserved. The trustees and President should apologize to Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, his wife who also teaches biology (and was also called a “racist”), and they should discipline the students who disrupted classes and carried baseball bats, fire the invertebrate President George Bridges, and get rid of its fluffy po-mo courses. I suspect that none of this will happen, but, as the Seattle Times editorial notes, if something isn’t done, the College is doomed.

Turns out that about a quarter of the Evergreen faculty signed a statement calling on the college administration to discipline Prof. Bret Weinstein for objecting to a call for all white people to leave the campus for a day. Almost all of the humanities faculty signed.

Happily, a Washington state representative has introduced a bill calling for the failing state college to be privatized:

“When you cross the line and start attacking a Jewish professor when you cross the line and you start telling white people or anybody based on their skin color that they can’t come to school, that violates our anti-discrimination laws,” he said.

“My heart goes out to the non-crazy students, but there has to be change at the top,” Manweller said, noting that he is not attacking the school because it is a more liberal school.

“These guys are out of control,” he said. “They are openly advocating for racism and bigotry. It’s not appropriate to be spending taxpayer money on that. If they want to be a private institution and pursue their bizarre, bigoted ideology, that’s their prerogative. But taxpayers shouldn’t have to fund it.”

A college run in which the administration asks student thugs nicely to quit patrolling with bats and batons is not a college that has what it takes to restore order and safety to its campus. It will be interesting to see what Evergreen State’s enrollment is this fall. Like Coyne said, you’d have to be a moron to send your kid to school at such a nuthouse. Imagine have to be afraid your child might get beat up by left-wing bullies roaming campus with bats in hand — bullies that the marshmallows who run the college are too progressive to confront.

If this college wants to let Social Justice Warriors among the students and faculty run it, fine. Let them quit asking the taxpayers of Washington to fund it, though.



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