What did I eat today? What didn’t I eat? I ate it all. And it was all good. Finally got the chipotle sweet potato puree down to an acceptable level of heat. I took some of it down the street to our friends, who were busy perfecting their salted caramel pie. I tasted some of the ruined (the texture was off) first one, and man, you can count me in for making a salted caramel pie for Christmas. It’s the stuff.

Back home, our guests turned up with a pecan pie and a coconut pie. Coconut pie! I haven’t had that in years. I ate several pieces, and despite a big cup of strong coffee, I succumbed to the food stupids and ended up crashing in bed for a glorious nap. One of our friends had passed out from tryptophan poisoning in my big leather chair. It seemed like the thing to do.

I don’t think anybody had dinner. We were too full. I sipped on some kirsch all evening to recalibrate my insides. Ever had it? It’s cherry eau de vie. Wonderful stuff. I first had it at a seder dinner at Spengler’s house — one of the many memorable, wonderful elements of that evening. Sipping kirsch and talking with old friends is not a bad way to spend a late autumn evening.

Tomorrow: back to the gym. No getting around it. Think I’ll take the kids to see “Hugo” as well. No shopping! No how, no way.