James C. has been on the road:

Ah, at last I was able to personally visit la Maison Ferber in Niedermorschwihr! I couldn’t believe the variety of wonderful stuff in her shop—I spent half an hour browsing and salivating before I even got to her confitures. The wonder-woman makes everything, even pottery.

As it was 8am, I skipped a lot of delicious pâtés and pies and such, settling for some crusty bread, local cheese (I chose Munster), confiture (fraises mara des bois d’Alsace; there were at least 50 varieties, so unable to decide, I just randomly grabbed one for €6.50), and one of her wonderful quiches.

I had plans to sit in the village and get a VFYT while eating, but I chickened out. The village was so idyllic but not touristy at all. The only place open besides a bakery and cafe was Mme Ferber’s. Locals were going about their business, chatting with their neighbors. It felt too…sacred for me to spoil it by snapping photos. So I ate the quiche and cheese and drove just a few miles away to the Munster Valley, where for lunch I cracked open the confiture and greatly enjoyed a bag of easily obtainable raw milk (Vive la France!).

Vive la France, dans les siècles des siècles! And vive M. James C. — la Maison Ferber is a foodie temple. She makes the world’s best confiture. Here is another photo of his lunch:


We just returned from the Paschal liturgy, and the feast afterward. Nothing says Christ est résusscité en la Louisiane like boudin with Champagne!

Starhill, Louisiana

Starhill, Louisiana

Happy birthday, James C.! And a blessed Pascha to all of you!