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Somewhere Over The North Atlantic
Somewhere Over The North Atlantic

I love this format! A reader sends this view from his Air France flight, in business class:

Flight from Charles de Gaulle (Paris) to Boston. I was spoilt, but after so many flights to and from Boston, this time I did not mind the pampering.

Apéritifs with an amuse-bouche of goat cheese and vegetables
Starter of Salmon and Fish Terrine
Main course seared Fillet of Beef with a 2003 Saint Estephe
Small platter of cheese
Concluded with coffee and a trio of patisserie

Consider my bouche amused. I love flying on Air France. The food is much better than I’ve had on any airline. Naturellement.

UPDATE: You’ve got to read this comment from reader Alan Cross:

This is a true story. I was flying back from doing development/mission work in North India and was on the second leg of my flight from Copenhagen to Atlanta, I think, on Air France. I was tired, had already been traveling for 30+ hours, and could not wait to get home. I had a seat in the back of the plane that was packed without an empty seat to spare, except for the one right next to me. I was hoping for a small mercy that it would remain empty so I could rest more comfortably.

Then, I see two women come down the aisle and they come to my seat. One of the women asks if I would be willing to trade seats with her so she can sit next to her friend, who had the ticket for the empty seat. They had not seen each other in years and met in the airport. I say sure and get my stuff and take her ticket. I begin to follow in the direction that the ticket sends me and it takes me all the way to the front, past the curtain, and I am in first class standing in front of an empty seat.

Just then, the flight attendant comes to me and asks if she can help me. I clearly don’t belong there. She is kind of stern acting. I haven’t shaved. I have been traveling forever. I look worn out. I just show her my ticket and her whole demeanor changes. She smiles and welcomes me to my seat and asks if I want a hot towel and champagne and I am waited on hand and foot. It is unreal.

The meal that they sent looked much like the meal in the picture. The food was amazing. After spending time in the Himalayas in rough conditions, this was quite a treat. I was like a little kid. I never went to sleep. I watched movies and listened to music and stretched out in the chair that turned to a bed and kept ordering food and ice cream when appropriate. It was a real blessing and I thanked God that out of all of the people in the plane, the woman with the first class ticket switched with me.

True story.

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