A reader sent this tweet in. Watch the short video. I find it hard to disagree with any of this.

Yet I would reiterate what I said yesterday about Trump’s Warsaw speech. I don’t think Donald Trump could write ten good sentences defining Western civilization. I think he is far more an example of our decadence than any good thing. He read that speech in Warsaw, which was a decent enough speech, but I don’t think it reflects what he believes deep down. I don’t think he knows what he believes deep down about these things. What the reaction from some prominent liberals to the speech revealed, in my view, was the spite many elites on the secular left have for an ordinary, boilerplate statement defending the Western tradition. That worries me far more than Donald Trump does. I’ll be surprised if Trump makes it through his first term without blowing himself up. The views represented by Peter Beinart (to cite one prominent example) are standard within the American liberal establishment: political, media, academic. They stand to be far more determinative of the future the US has than Donald Trump, I believe. That’s why they worry me more than Trump does.

But Trump worries me all the same, and this is mostly why. Watch the video: