Detail from ‘Crossing The Swamp’ by Jon McNaughton (via Jon McNaughton Fine Art)

Jon McNaughton, America’s Painter™ and the Titian of Trumpian Realism, is back again with a new patriotic painting. See more of it at McNaughton’s website.

According to Fox News:

The painting shows Trump at the helm, and Vice President Pence carrying the flag by his side.

McNaughton identifies the rest as: U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley; Defense Secretary Jim Mattis; Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson; Attorney General Jeff Sessions; first lady Melania Trump; Secretary of State Pompeo; White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders; the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump; National Security Adviser Bolton; Kellyanne Conway; and Chief of Staff John Kelly.

John Bolton is the poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed? Jed Clampett’s mustache was not so robust: