Everyone, posting will be light on Monday. We’ve had a very busy weekend here, with some terrific houseguests: an Orthodox priest, his wife, and a deacon, in town exploring with a group of us the possibility of opening a mission church here. Father Matthew and Deacon Silouan led a prayer service at my sister Ruthie’s grave on Saturday, the one-year anniversary of her death. It meant a lot to my family.

They’ve all been very understanding about my chronic fatigue issues related to mononucleosis. I’ve spent much of the weekend sleeping, I’m sorry to say, and sleeping at odd hours. The way this stuff works, I’ll start to feel dog-tired, headachy, and nauseous, like the flu is coming on, and I’ll have to go to bed right then. I am incredibly, undeservedly blessed to have a wife who takes such good care of me and our household.

Anyway, I’m so tired and foggy-headed so much of the time — and it’s gotten worse these last two weeks — that I really need to sleep more, especially given that we’re about to go abroad for a month. Please forgive me if I’m underperforming here on the blog. I’ve got a lot to do before we go, including a story for the magazine to finish, and this mono crap has me swimming through molasses, mentally and physically.