As the Social Justice Warrior campus madness spreads, it is remarkable to me that none of the GOP candidates have stood up against this stuff. I’m sure they’re all terrified of being called racist, but they need to find their voice. Whether they do or they don’t, I am certain that this movement is making a lot of 2016 Republican voters of people who may not like the GOP all that much, but who are worried about turning the country over to the Loony Left. Hillary Clinton, as a Clinton, heretofore had not been considered part of the Loony Left, but with her full-throated endorsement of everything the SJWs come up with — laws mandating the right of penis people to use women’s bathrooms, for example — a lot of moderate voters are going to wonder just what it would mean to put the US Justice Department in the hands of SJW sympathizers.

If I were on Team Hillary, I would be gravely worried about how to handle this. Black Lives Matter has already crashed one of her campaign events.  The campus left is going to keep pulling her further to the cultural left on these matters. I don’t think she’s got a credible Sister Souljah moment in her, because deep down, I think she believes the radicals are right.

UPDATE: A reader sends a hilarious example of how deep the crazy goes: a mainstream feminist website posts an article teaching the faithful about trigger warnings — and has a trigger warning. That’s right: a trigger warning on an article about trigger warnings. There really is no limit to what the SJWs will do.