R.R. Reno riffs on the meaning of the capture of the GOP by “libertarian multiculturalism,” e.g. the views of business and Republican Party elites. Excerpt:

Almost the entire conservative apparatus is now captive to a libertarian-inflected political correctness. It promises to protect free speech and (perhaps) religious freedom, but shrinks from any substantive positions on cultural issues. What does it mean to be an American? This question goes unasked, much less unanswered. What does it mean to be a man? Jordan Peterson has become an international celebrity simply by asking that question without apology. Meanwhile, the conservative establishment runs for the nearest bunker when the issue of transgender bathrooms comes up.

This capitulation makes complete sense given the ascendancy of free market thinking on the American right.

Because it turns every human exchange into a transaction between consenting parties. More:

To this day the libertarian-multicultural regime maintains a powerful grip on our ruling class, right and left. If Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez were to anoint Jussie Smollett head of a special committee for the eradication of white privilege, homophobia, and patriarchy, I’m confident that the 2012 Republican presidential nominee would issue preachments about the importance of civility, while the 43rd President of the United States of America stood by playing the old “freedom” tapes. As Klingenstein observes, “reorienting the conservative movement is a formidable undertaking.” But not impossible.

Read the whole thing.

I completely share Reno’s contempt for the lack of moral courage of Republican politicians. But I don’t really know how the reorientation is possible, given the deep currents of America life. We have to try, which is why I will vote against these milquetoasts when the opportunity presents itself. But I’m not confident that there are enough of us to matter. If I’m wrong, please tell me how — seriously, I could use the encouragement.