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Radicalized By Kavanaugh’s Fate

Yale Law School professors canceled classes on Monday [1] so students there could hold a protest against Yale Law graduate Brett Kavanaugh:

“Over the past few months, I’ve seen the name of my school associated with this awful human being and been disgusted by it,” said Matt Post, a freshman at Yale College. “I’ve seen faculty defend his character, even if they disagreed with his ideas. I think those two concepts are inseparable, and we’re seeing that today. You can’t devalue a woman’s right to choose and respect women.”

I started this Kavanaugh process with no particular feelings about him. A friend whose judgment I trust, and who knows Kavanaugh, told me before he was nominated that he’s a good man and a great judge. I accepted my friend’s judgment, but I wanted Amy Coney Barrett to be the nominee. When Kavanaugh was chosen instead, I was fine with it. He seemed like a standard Republican, same as Gorsuch. His hearings were dull, but that’s not a bad thing when it comes to a Supreme Court nominee.

And then came the campaign by elite media and others to destroy his character. I allowed myself to be persuaded that Christine Blasey Ford’s claims deserve a hearing, even though they came at the very last minute, despite the fact that Sen. Feinstein has been sitting on them all summer long. These alleged events happened over 30 years ago. She has no corroboration. He flatly denies them. I began as someone who didn’t understand what this allegation, if true, tells us about the character of a middle-aged man and his fitness for the Supreme Court, but by listening to some of you, I came to believe that I was probably wrong. We needed to have a hearing to see what the truth is.

She has been playing a game with the Senate Judiciary Committee, trying to dictate the terms of her testimony. Yesterday, when the Republicans on the committee designated a female veteran sex crimes prosecutor to conduct their questioning for them, she hollered foul. You would think that someone interested in getting to the truth of the matter would welcome that kind of questioner. But no, Blasey Ford’s reaction gave away the game. She wants to be interrogated by older Republican men, so the focus isn’t on what she says, but the identity of her questioners. It was never about a traumatized victim trying to bring the truth out. It was always about destroying Brett Kavanaugh by any means necessary.

Now, this morning, this news from the AP: [2]

A lawyer for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh says the woman who is to testify Thursday about her claim he sexually assaulted her in high school has not turned over key information related to her accusation.

Beth Wilkinson said Wednesday on CBS “This Morning” that the results of Christine Blasey Ford’s polygraph test and her therapist’s notes are not among the materials turned over to the Senate Judiciary Committee on the eve of her testimony.


Wilkinson said: “They announced that there were notes and that there had been a lie detector test” but that those materials were not turned over “even though they were requested.”

Again: this is not about getting at the truth. This Thursday event, from a left-wing perspective, is what we used to call a “show trial.” It is meant to illustrate a political verdict already reached. Yale Law school student Matt Post, above, explains what’s going on: this is about preserving Roe vs. Wade, by any means necessary. If Amy Coney Barrett had been the nominee, the Left would be painting her as a gibbering religious fanatic bent on imposing Catholic sharia on America. This is as clear as clear can be now. There is no lie they will not tell, no smear they will not employ, to destroy Brett Kavanaugh. He is no longer, in their eyes, a human being, but a symbol of all they hate.

I look at him, and what’s being done to him, and see my sons, and even my daughter. If they were nominated for a position like Kavanaugh’s, I would want them to have a fair hearing. I don’t think that’s possible any more in America, not for the kind of people identified by the cultural Left as the Enemy. And make no mistake, if my daughter grows up to be a believing Christian and a social conservative, she will be the Enemy, as sure as my sons will be. These cultural elites would eagerly destroy the character of my children, as well as myself and most of my friends, to pursue their political goals.

For me, this is not about getting Brett Kavanaugh on the Court. Maybe he doesn’t belong there. Maybe he is too flawed. But damn it, he deserves a fair hearing. We all do. That is what the Left wishes to deny to those it sees as a threat.

I want to draw your attention to this post I put on this blog on April 3, 2015: an interview with an elite law school teacher I called “Professor Kingsfield”. [3] He is a believing Christian closeted in his law school, one of the handful of best in the country. He reached out to me after the Indiana RFRA debacle. Here’s what he said back then. Read these passages in light of what’s happening to Kavanaugh:

What prompted his reaching out to me? “I’m very worried,” he said, of events of the last week. “The constituency for religious liberty just isn’t there anymore.”

Like me, what unnerved Prof. Kingsfield is not so much the details of the Indiana law, but the way the overculture treated the law. “When a perfectly decent, pro-gay marriage religious liberty scholar like Doug Laycock, who is one of the best in the country — when what he says is distorted, you know how crazy it is.”

“Alasdair Macintyre is right,” he said. “It’s like a nuclear bomb went off, but in slow motion.” What he meant by this is that our culture has lost the ability to reason together, because too many of us want and believe radically incompatible things.

But only one side has the power. When I asked Kingsfield what most people outside elite legal and academic circles don’t understand about the way elites think, he said “there’s this radical incomprehension of religion.”

“They think religion is all about being happy-clappy and nice, or should be, so they don’t see any legitimate grounds for the clash,” he said. “They make so many errors, but they don’t want to listen.”

To elites in his circles, Kingsfield continued, “at best religion is something consenting adult should do behind closed doors. They don’t really understand that there’s a link between Sister Helen Prejean’s faith and the work she does on the death penalty. There’s a lot of looking down on flyover country, one middle America.

“The sad thing,” he said, “is that the old ways of aspiring to truth, seeing all knowledge as part of learning about the nature of reality, they don’t hold. It’s all about power. They’ve got cultural power, and think they should use it for good, but their idea of good is not anchored in anything. They’ve got a lot of power in courts and in politics and in education. Their job is to challenge people to think critically, but thinking critically means thinking like them. They really do think that they know so much more than anybody did before, and there is no point in listening to anybody else, because they have all the answers, and believe that they are good.”


Kingsfield teaches at one of the top universities in the country, a gateway to elite advancement, but says he’s not sure he would want his kids attending there. It depends on God’s calling. He remains there because for now, he sees that he has a mission to mentor undergraduates who need a professor like him to help them deal with the things coming at them. The fact that he has his kids in a good school and a good parish makes this possible. But he recognizes that by the time his children become college age, the landscape may have shifted such that the elite universities are too hostile.

“I could still imagine having a kid who was really strong in his faith, and believing that God was calling him to going to a prestige college. I’m not ready to say ‘never’ for that, but I do think there are a lot of kids that we need to steer away from such hostile places, and into smaller, reliably Christian schools where they can be built up in their faith, and not have to deal with such hostility before they’re strong enough to combat it.”

It’s hard to say what kind of landscape Christians will be looking at twenty, thirty years from now. Kingsfield says he has gay colleagues in the university, people who are in their sixties and seventies now, who came of age in a time where a strong sense of individual liberty protected them. They still retain a devotion to liberty, seeing how much it matters to despised minorities.

“That generation is superseded by Social Justice Warriors in their thirties who don’t believe that they should respect anybody who doesn’t respect them,” Kingsfield said. “Those people are going to be in power before long, and we may not be protected.”

If you read the whole thing [3], you’ll see that Kingsfield strongly encouraged me then to write The Benedict Option [4]. This was before I began writing the book, and two years before it was published. The professor, who works inside a factory that produces America’s legal elites, said it was absolutely vital for believing Christians to start forming networks now, to support each other in the coming trials. He also exhorted Christians to build their own faith, and the faith of their families, up for the trials to come. He continued:

On the political side, Kingsfield said it’s important to “surrender political hope” — that is, that things can be solved through political power. Republicans can be counted on to block the worst of what the Democrats attempt – which is a pretty weak thing to rely on, but it’s not nothing. “But a lot of things can be done by administrative order,” he said. “I’m really worried about that.”

And on the cultural front? Cultural pressure is going to radically reduce orthodox Christian numbers in the years go come. The meaning of what it means to be a faithful Christian is going to come under intense fire, Kingsfield said, not only from outside the churches, but from within. There will be serious stigma attached to standing up for orthodox teaching on homosexuality.

“And if the bishops are like these Indiana bishops, where does that leave us?” he said. “We have a problem in the current generation, but what I really worry about is what it means to transmit the faith to the next generation.”

“A lot of us will be able to ‘pass’ if we keep our mouths shut, but it’s going to be hard to tell who believes what,” Kingsfield said. “In [my area], there’s a kind of secret handshake that traditional Christians use to identify ourselves to each other when we meet. Forming those subterranean, catacomb church networks is not easy, but it’s terribly vital right now.”

That was three years ago. I did not vote for Donald Trump because I recognize him to be a bad man, and an untrustworthy one. Nothing that has happened in the past two years has caused me to question that judgment of his character.

But this Kavanaugh thing has focused my mind sharply. Look at the Yale Law School professors and students. These people are the enemy. That is undeniable now. It’s not that they oppose Brett Kavanaugh. It’s that they are so ideologized that they will stop at nothing to destroy him, or anybody else who gets in their way. They have turned him from a human being into a symbol of something they want to destroy. This is what Prof. Kingsfield was warning about:

“That generation is superseded by Social Justice Warriors in their thirties who don’t believe that they should respect anybody who doesn’t respect them,” Kingsfield said. “Those people are going to be in power before long, and we may not be protected.”

The Kavanaugh fight has been primarily a bitter contest among American elites. Kavanaugh, recall, is a Yale Law graduate, and a favorite of the Federalist Society. The men and women now being trained at Yale Law (and Harvard Law, and similar elite institutions) are going to be running the country. They and their allies in the elite media. This is hardly a controversial observation to make. What is now very clear — very clear — is that when they are in power, they will use it to crush people like me.

Against abortion? Then you hate women! We can give no quarter to HATE. Extremism in the defense of diversity is no vice.

Look, Kavanaugh might be guilty of the thing Ford accuses him of. I can’t say that I believe he is innocent. I don’t know if he’s guilty or innocent of the allegation of attempting to rape Christine Blasey Ford. What I do believe is that given what we know right now, there is not enough evidence of his guilt to deny him confirmation. And the games that Ford has played with the committee indicate bad faith on her part.

The process doesn’t simply protect a conservative jurist. There will, in the future, be a liberal court nominee, and one or more people may come forward with stories that threaten to derail his or her nomination. As in this case — as in the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill case — certainty about what happened may be impossible to establish. The best we can hope for is to follow a process that will draw out and discern the truth, as best as is humanly possible. And we should hope that a nominee gets the benefit of the doubt in cases where the evidence is thin, as in the Kavanaugh case. If we lose that, then anybody could be destroyed on the basis of accusation alone.

Is this really the world that progressives want? Is this the world that any of us want, or should want? For the entire country to be turned into a college campus? To paraphrase a line from A Man For All Seasons, if you are willing to cut down all the processes and standards of fairness to get to that devil, Brett Kavanaugh, what will you do when the devil turns on you?

The friend of mine who knows Kavanaugh personally has always been a Never Trump Republican. He too is the product of an Ivy League education, and is part of the American elite, broadly speaking. Based on our conversation last night, this process has changed him. It has radicalized him. It has red-pilled him. It’s doing the same thing to me. I have no more trust in or affection for Donald Trump or the Republican Party than I did before the Kavanaugh hearings. In fact, if I had to choose, I would rather have the Democrats running economic and foreign policy than the Republicans these days. But I have been driven by the liberal elites into believing that whatever their sins and failings, the Republicans are the only thing standing between me (and people like me) and the destruction that these highly ideologized left-wing elites would happily wreak on us, for the sake of their idea of Justice.

I have been a registered Independent since 2008, and do not like in any way, shape, or form Donald Trump and the GOP. But after what has happened, and continues to happen, to Kavanaugh, I genuinely fear the Democratic Party and the elites — especially the academic and media elites — who guide it. I am hearing from conservatives like me who have been alienated from the GOP because of its own fecklessness, and because of Donald Trump, who have been red-pilled by the Kavanaugh persecution, and who now intend to vote Republican purely out of self-protection, for as long as we can manage it.

UPDATE: Michael Avenatti has just released a sworn affidavit by his client Julie Swetnick. This is serious business. Avenatti is a scumbag, but it can’t be denied that Swetnick has put her name out there making specific accusations that are far worse than what Ford alleges. This bears investigation — and Mark Judge needs to be put under oath and questioned. If these allegations are substantiated, I don’t see how his nomination can proceed. Again, these Swetnick allegations are far more serious, and if true, ought to be confirmable in ways that Ford’s cannot be. They may not be true, and Swetnick doesn’t accuse Kavanaugh of assaulting her. But these are so serious, and not a matter of he-said-she-said:

https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js [7]

UPDATE.2: To be clear, the Swetnick affidavit does not change the views I expressed elsewhere in this post.

UPDATE.3: Reader Mike CLT:

I read this woman’s declaration and I have to believe that she is crazy. She is asking us to believe:

1. That there were regular parties in suburban Maryland where high school girls were repeatedly drugged and raped and no one never told a parent or reported it to the police or a teacher.
2. That she witnessed these rapes and never told anyone about them or tied to help the victims.
3. That other boys and girls witnessed these rapes never said anything about them.
4. That she herself was raped and never said anything about it.
5. That after being drugged and raped and witnessing other girls being drugged and gang raped she continued to go to these parties.

That is a pretty tall order.

I agree. Yet she is willing to sign a sworn affidavit saying it’s true. It’s very hard to dismiss these kinds of charges without an investigation, even if she is lying (and notice that she does not accuse Kavanaugh of abusing her). Why didn’t Swetnick come forward earlier? It’s highly suspicious … yet if the GOP senators proceed to a vote without investigating these allegations, they will be accused of a cover-up. And the Democrats get to delay the vote even longer, hoping to keep the seat open until after the election, when they might have won a Senate majority.

https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js [7]


UPDATE.4: I’ve been warned by a reader that to affiliate myself with the term “red-pill” is to associate myself with the alt-right. Well, I’m not an alt-rightist. They would be embarrassed to have a Jesus person like me on their side, as many of them have said in the past.

UPDATE.5: The more I think about it, the more I think that these latest allegations are nonsense. The Senate should have the vote on Kavanaugh. If he goes down, let it be on the heads of those who voted against him. The Republicans should bring Amy Coney Barrett up at once, and confirm her without delay.

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318 Comments To "Radicalized By Kavanaugh’s Fate"

#1 Comment By Fran Macadam On September 27, 2018 @ 12:20 am

“Anyways, welcome to the team Rod, we’ll get the rest of your opinions sorted in short order, I’m sure.”

No. Not Rod, not me, not faithful Orthodox, faithful Catholics, faithful protestants, faithful Anabaptists or just plain faithful Christians. Not ever.

The answer to SJW hatred is not an extreme alt-right subset of neo-nazi hatred in return. Rather than an antidote to conflict hatred and violence, both fuel it.They fairly foam at the mouth in anticipation of that. And whatever Trump is, he would hardly claim to be alt-right, even if they would like to claim him, as a sort of fulfillment of HRC’s accusations.

#2 Comment By Old West On September 27, 2018 @ 12:55 am

Harve writes: “Or maybe Bork was an ethically compromised radical with nutty ideas, Thomas was a harasser, and Kavanaugh is an all around bad actor.”

You didn’t answer my question, so I will ask it again: What, exactly are the chances that three different Republican presidents just *happened* to nominate men so uniquely wicked when a ideological shift in the Court’s makeup was at stake?

The answer is simple, and only those willing to lie to themselves would try to claim otherwise. The Dem’s problem with each of these three men is that something ideological is at stake, and the grounds for opposing them was derived after the fact (which is why none of these things were ever brought up when they were nominated to high level appeals court positions). As the old Dolly Parton song goes: “I really hate her–I’ll think of a reason later.”

I could extend the question: what are the chances that no Democrat has ever nominated a personally wicked man or woman, whereas Republicans have done so three times, and chose the three moments when the most was at stake to do so?

The left is fooling no one. You may succeed with this nominee, but I suspect that McConnell will extract promises from any defecting Republicans to ram through an even more conservative nominee, post-haste.

#3 Comment By anon On September 27, 2018 @ 1:05 am

“His point is not that conservative kids don’t “party” but that the culture that promoted barbaric “partying” is one that liberal adults created.”


Just as liberals blame a “right wing conspiracy” for exploiting Bill Clinton’s serial sexual crimes, so conservatives are now blaming “Democrats/liberals” for Kavanaugh’s morally compromised condition.

It’s just not the way things work.

Virtue is not defined by partisan affiliation or political view, but the willingness to overlook moral failing is.

#4 Comment By BobTX2 On September 27, 2018 @ 1:48 am

Again, you really don’t have to publish this, but I’m concerned.

You are seeming increasingly unreasonable about this whole topic. You’ve literally made one of your major missions exposing situations where the powerful take advantage of others sexually and then cow others into silence with their power. You also despise elites and their misuse of power. Yet your partisan tribal loyalties have you hopping off the deep end in your pronouncements about a left wing assault.

Maybe the increasing number of people from Kavanaugh’s past either accusing him of these things, corroborating the accusers, or saying that the accusations seem broadly believable from the Kavanaugh they knew back then will turn out to be disproven, but that seems increasingly unlikely to me. If it turns out that a large percentage of all this is based in reality though, you’ve gone into conspiracy-level histrionics.

Again, I mean well and don’t care if this is published in the public comments – I just think you may feel personal regret later about getting so hyped up about this (and I don’t mean that in that you’ll need to feel regret before any of us readers in some unique way – a larger portion of the GOP is headed right there with you right now in terms of increasingly “damn the torpedoes” support/antipathy toward the left over this series of accusations.

#5 Comment By bd_rucker On September 27, 2018 @ 1:50 am

‘Red pill’ is not an alt-right term. People use it to mean they’ve gone over to the conservative side. Probably wouldn’t refer to you since you’re already conservative, but I bet plenty of other people are being Red-pilled right now with this whole Kavavaugh thing. Candace Owens, who is black, used to call herself ‘Red Pill Black’ back when she was a YouTuber.

#6 Comment By JohnPerth On September 27, 2018 @ 4:31 am


I recall around thirty years ago perusing for the first time a conservative political magazine from the USA. There was an advert for a T shirt for some cause or other, with a picture of a busty beauty in a shirt at least two sizes too small for her. My thought at the time? This is not conservative, it’s liberal, progressive, morally permissive, just a slightly different flavour of barbarism.

#7 Comment By Tom On September 27, 2018 @ 4:48 am


I wish you could’ve gone to college 20 years later; these bleak conclusions would’ve been more obvious. At the current rate, it will be a miracle if your children share your values as adults.

Voting republican is a good delay tactic. But the lefts ultimate goal is the use of media and technology to totally control the narrative. That means promoting false narratives and silencing dissenters. The scope of what is considered hate speech will eventually reach your stated views.

The kind of censorship that has hit Alex Jones will eventually hit Christians (They find you just as loony). That means no social media, no payment processing, and possibly shutting down your domains. To survive, christian conservatives need to start setting up their own alternative institutions now. Gen Z kids who go to our current colleges and get their news through twitter will almost never be Christians or Republicans. The game is rigged.

#8 Comment By cka2nd On September 27, 2018 @ 5:15 am

The Dean says: “There once was an America where you needed EVIDENCE of wrong doing that was presented in court soon after an alleged incident…We have devolved to finger pointing, false charges, outright lies and feminine emotional ‘feelings’ better served on the Lifetime Network”

Well, for well-off white male Christians, that’s probably true. For black men accused of raping a white woman, or a black boy who whistled at a white woman, not so much.

#9 Comment By Rob G On September 27, 2018 @ 6:33 am

“Democrats are trying to destroy a decent and honorable man just so they can kill more unborn babies.”


Old-style liberals may have been exasperating but at least they were (mostly) honest. Not this new crew: to them truth is what serves the agenda, and Kavanaugh is just a speed-bump on the road to Sexual Paradise. Lying is perfectly appropriate if it helps remove this hindrance.

After all, their fundamental lie is one that they tell to themselves and each other: their commitment to Diversity and Tolerance. Why then would they be at all hesitant to lie to everyone else?

#10 Comment By sb On September 27, 2018 @ 6:46 am

“I’ve seen faculty defend his character, even if they disagreed with his ideas. I think those two concepts are inseparable, and we’re seeing that today. You can’t devalue a woman’s right to choose and respect women.” – Matt Post; Yale freshman

That quote is excellent journalism! Summarises perfectly the ideology of the SJW liberal left – they literally think our ideas cannot be separated from our character.

And hence, Post then links (his perception of) Kavanaugh’s abortion views to Kavanaugh’s character, and so, his fitness to hold Supreme Court office.

And liberals like Post view ALL of us in the same way. Through the lens of identity politics. Judging us as ‘good or bad characters’ by our ideas. He agrees with me, so he must be good…

At least our enemy should be clear by now, right? Liberalism. Satan’s religion. The idea you can do anything you want; so the things you chose to do, and the ideas you chose to hold, define you and your character, and hence your acceptability in society.

None of this ‘I’m a classical liberal, so I respect everyone’s freedoms’ nonsense. That leads to the totalitarian liberalism we see today. Ask Kavanaugh how it feels.

#11 Comment By Wake On September 27, 2018 @ 8:57 am

Dukeboy01: A divorce?

Someone is stoking these ideas that our powerful country needs to break up. It is anti-American by definition, and it is strange.

Why divorce? Because Democrats point out that he lied to congress, and women allege he assaulted them?

Kavanaugh his very self did exactly the same stuff to Bill Clinton, innuendo, insulting, personal questions, a political decision to drag him through the mud as much as possible. And in the end he was probably right, although certainly a little feverishly obsessed.

Republicans blocked appointments for Obama judges, blocked a supreme court appointment for no reason. Etc.

This isn’t the 60’s. Most Americans agree on healthcare, and are probably a little bit to the left of the Republican plan Obama put through. Most mericans agree on abortion, more or less, and the ones who don’t support abortion for themselves.
These are the issues to “divorce” over

#12 Comment By MikeS On September 27, 2018 @ 9:12 am

@Zapollo: “Democrats will regret forfeiting my goodwill, and that of people like me.”

Hear, hear. Co-signed.
And other anti-Democrats may not be as genteel in their reaction as you and me.

#13 Comment By JonF On September 27, 2018 @ 9:15 am

Matt in VA, I criticize you a lot, but I mostly like your comment at 4:26 yesterday, except for the JAP smear- a needless drive-by ethnic slur, and one not warranted since the attitudes you mention are inherently WASPish, a lineal descendant of the old line Puriranism that morphed in modern liberalism and quite broadly shared. You otherwise recognize that this is a class thing:half the upper class bashing the other half with the rest of us as audience and occasionally cannon fodder.

#14 Comment By JonF On September 27, 2018 @ 9:30 am

Matt in VA, Alas, I do have to criticize you now for over emphasizing the gender component of the current ideological split. There’s very definity a strong male component here as well : not very many tech billionaires are women after all, and it’s those guys, as bro-y as they come, who look to ride the parade to profits profits and more profits at the expense of all us proles. And yes, we’re pretty much all proles to guys at that level. The doctrinaire feminists play the same role as Calvinist clergy once did to the wealthy capitalists of Amsterdam and London giving them a patina of sanctity and assuring the gentlemen that they are among the Elect.

#15 Comment By Sid Finster On September 27, 2018 @ 10:12 am

Rod: Perhaps it’s the spam filter. I’ve written enough comments that disappeared and commented to you on this before, but whatever. This is the Rod Dreher Show, not the Sid Finster Show, and as I pointed out, I comment primarily in order to make my own thoughts more concrete.

Anyway, it was my impression that your support for Kavanaugh was solidifying because of tactics of people like Feinstein and statements like those of our friend from Yale Law School. Of course, Feinstein’s cynical politics and the Yalie’s “Guilty until proven guilty!” rant are irrelevant to whether Ford’s accusations have any basis in fact.

You call it the Red Pill, but that’s the process of radicalization in a nutshell. The other side doesn’t play fair (or doesn’t seem to play fair), whether justified or not, and each individual has the opportunity to respond in kind.

If they do so, they might win, but sticking to principles surely means that they will go down with those principles. It’s not bringing a knife to a gunfight, it’s continuing to use a knife when a gun is there for the taking and your opponent has just busted out with a Gatling Gun.

The study of Russian history between 1860 – 1918 will prove most instructive. Or perhaps just read A. A. Blok’s The Twelve, after reading A.I. Bunin’s The Gentleman From San Francisco.

Anyway, as I said, the only thing that a Kavanaugh or a Trump can do is to buy time. As things are unfolding, under almost any conceivable outcome for this country, either we can be Christians, in particular, Orthodox Christians, or we can have comfortable lives. Of course, we may end up with neither.

As I said, I myself am not exactly gunning to be a contestant on “America’s Next Top Martyr!”. So until I am headed for the final rounds, I’ll spare you all the lectures.

#16 Comment By Lori On September 27, 2018 @ 10:45 am

“By that logic all those priests couldn’t have possibly been having sex with all those boys. Surely someone somewhere would have said something.”

If nobody had reported anything at the time, to anybody, and the only allegations arose 40 years later, that might be valid.

But, in the case of the RCC, we know that many people did report what had happened to church authorities. The issue is that nobody had said anything; it’s that the church authorities did not then report what they knew to the police.

If it turned out that people had reported to the dean of Georgetown Prep that their students were engaged in serial gang rapes, and the dean did nothing about it, that would be a very different situation. However, we have no evidence that there is any documentation of anybody reporting these alleged serial gang rapes to anybody. They were never mentioned, to anybody, until yesterday.

#17 Comment By Pilgrim On September 27, 2018 @ 1:37 pm

I would usually give a woman who makes such accusations a sympathetic hearing, but this case does not pass the smell test. This is all about power. The Democrats do not have the votes, so they cynically resort to character assassination. Once they had somebody willing to make an accusation, they used it to full advantage. They put her in the hands of an allied attorney, who “helped” her fill in the blanks and shore up her sketchy recollections. After that the political calculus should be clear:

1. Since the MeToo movement, it has become nearly impossible to contest a woman’s accusation of sexual misconduct. To do so is to show oneself to be evil. So Republicans can only let the accusations go unchallenged and withdraw the nomination or show themselves to be evil. Either way we win.

2. We will hold this information back until the last moment in the hope that it will delay the vote. We will push for a full (lengthy) investigation of allegations, in the hope that the nomination will be stalled until after the mid-term elections, when hopefully we will have control of the Senate, or maybe that it will be withdrawn, with the same result. If the Republicans deny an investigation, they are afraid of something or just plain evil again. No matter what happens, we win.

3. Our allies in the media will make sure all accusations, no matter how sketchy or doubtful, will be repeated constantly, while any counter-arguments are underreported, if at all. [It was recently reported that two men came forward to say they may be the students involved in the incident, and that this may be mistaken identity. Have not heard much about it. There has not been much coverage about all the people from Kavanaugh’s past who attest to his character and can’t believe the accusation.]

Since this began we have seen other accusers come forth, who have received much breathless coverage, but who have either backpedaled when challenged or do not seem at all credible.

Something may well have happened to Dr. Ford, but her recollections after all these years are less than clear, as she herself admits. It would not be a great stretch to think that she has conflated a painful memory with the name of a person she had vaguely known so many years ago and who now is a nominee for the SC, who also happens to be a well-known conservative, while Dr. Ford is according to information very liberal.

There will be no proof one way or the other at this late date. But let’s face it: nobody in DC really cares about this woman or justice. It is all politics and power. And the Dems feel that the longer they can delay, the closer they are to avoiding another conservative justice on the SC.

#18 Comment By Siarlys Jenkins On September 27, 2018 @ 7:24 pm

At least our enemy should be clear by now, right? Liberalism. Satan’s religion.

Mammon’s. There is a difference.