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Reading Camus’s ‘The Plague’

Albert Camus (Photo by Daniel FallotINA via Getty Images)

Regular readers will recall that the Wyoming Doctor recommended in this space last week that we all read The Plague, the Albert Camus novel about how the people of an Algerian city react when the bubonic plague hits their town. I decided just now to read the book, and got it from my local library. You can order it from Amazon in paperback ($9.99) or on Kindle ($11.99). I would like us to have a book club in this space of people who are reading the book with an eye towards learning lessons about how we should behave in the midst of the crisis that appears to be fast upon us.

I will start posting on The Plague on Tuesday, to give those who want to participate time to download or otherwise acquire the book. I’ll go at it a couple of chapters at a time. I’m only going to post comments from people who are reading, or who have read, the book.

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