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Race Hate Comes Down On A Toddler’s Neck

Isaiah Jackson mug shot

In Clark County, Ohio, a thug named Isaiah Jackson, 20, has been arrested and is being held pending charges in connection with the following act, which he shared on social media, with the caption added to the photo. The picture has been altered to hide the identity of the innocent abused child:


He is a thug with a criminal record:

Why was he even out on the streets? I hope he goes to jail and doesn’t get out until he’s an old man.

Why was the person holding the toddler down not arrested also?

As bad as that was, Isaiah Jackson is a criminal with a long record. You can imagine that he is a depraved young man. But look at what a middle-aged special ed teacher in DeKalb County (Atlanta) said about Jackson’s stunt:



Papin is under investigation by the Atlanta schools over this. 

I don’t suppose The New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, or any of the other mainstream media outlets will trouble themselves to notice this egregious act of racial hatred a grown black man visited upon a crying white toddler — all for the cause of Black Lives Matter. Racial hatred and violence doesn’t just go one way. Can you imagine having your child (white, black, and otherwise) in Brian Papin’s class? That man — both these men — have so much race hatred in their hearts.

UPDATE: This is exactly correct:

UPDATE.2:A reader mentions Boston Globe columnist Renee Graham’s latest, which is about how much the words “Black Lives Matters” strikes fear and loathing into the hearts of white bigots. Excerpts:

Whatever the sentiment behind the [BLM] signs and murals, they’re triggering racists and Trump supporters. In a nation built on devaluing and endangering Black people, even a suggestion of compassion is more than some thin-skinned bigots can abide.


White America needs every possible reminder of its culpability in pushing this nation to the brink of disaster. Deface every Black Lives Matter mural, and it won’t change the urgency of a movement far bigger and more resilient than a single moment or slogan.

Besides, if politicians, business owners, and ordinary white people are serious about change, they should replace those Black Lives Matter murals and billboards with another three words that acknowledge and proclaim the only path toward eradicating systemic racism and making this nation whole: “End White Supremacy.”

Every possible reminder.

UPDATE.3: Another, less onerous case of child abuse on behalf of the BLM cause:

UPDATE.4: Seems to me that Isaiah Jackson might be exploring ways of instantiating the thoughts and theories of Prof. Tommy Curry, who has written that all whites are evil and cannot be counted on to change, and that the only way to achieve black liberation from their malign influence might be through violence. Would Tommy Curry approve of what this monster Jackson has done to that child? I’m sure he would not. But this is where his hateful racist rhetoric leads. If you hold people to be evil by virtue of their race, then in what sense is a child innocent? Curry wrote in one of his academic papers that there are no innocents when it comes to racism and colonialism.

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