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Ken Myers had a heart attack

Some of my readers will be, like me, subscribers to and fans of the Mars Hill Audio Journal [1]and its host and creator, Ken Myers. I’ve just received word that Ken suffered a major heart attack on Saturday morning while at home in Virginia. He was airlifted to the UVA hospital in Charlottesville, and is in the ICU. Word is that doctors are cautiously optimistic about his recovery, but that it will indeed be a long recovery.

Please keep Ken and his family in your prayers. The man is a national treasure. If you’ve never sampled the Journal, click here [2] to see why I call him that.

UPDATE: I was thinking tonight of sending flowers or something to Ken’s room at the hospital, but it occurred to me that a better gift would be to buy someone else a gift subscription to the Mars Hill Audio Journal, so more people can come to know and to enjoy Ken’s vital work. If you are an intellectually serious Christian, you need to be a subscriber. If you love Ken’s work and want to show him how much he, and it, means to you in his time of crisis, please consider going here and ordering a gift subscription [3]for someone you know.

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8 Comments To "Ken Myers had a heart attack"

#1 Comment By Marty “TC” On November 6, 2011 @ 7:16 pm

This is sad. I will offer my prayers for him and his family. I enjoy the Mars Hill Audio and have for years through many delivery changes cassette to mp3.

I only wish his program was Daily!

He is a treasure and I will pray!!

#2 Comment By Elias Crim On November 6, 2011 @ 10:29 pm

The MHAJ is indeed a wonderful stimulus program for your brain–over the years Myers has created a virtual seminar with wonderful guest lecturers in every “meeting.”

I’m sorry to hear of his illness–thanks for your good suggestion re: the gift subscription, Rod. No surprise to hear you’re a subscriber yourself.

#3 Comment By Mike On November 7, 2011 @ 5:58 am

Thank you for posting this. I count Ken and the MHAJ as a major source of the ongoing project that is my education in wisdom.

My prayers for a full recovery are certainly with him.

#4 Comment By Reader John On November 7, 2011 @ 7:02 am

Pray for Ken Myers? I’m on it!

#5 Comment By Ken On November 7, 2011 @ 9:07 am

Thank you for letting us know, Rod, and I’ll be praying. I’ve been a Mars Hill subscriber since the early, cassette days. Ken’s ministry is invaluable, and he’s a nice guy too.

#6 Comment By Fiona On November 9, 2011 @ 10:24 am

I am on staff at Mars Hill Audio, and happy to report that Ken is HOME from the hospital! He looks wonderful and is making a speedy recovery. We’ll try to make him rest for 2 weeks as the doctor suggests, but it might be difficult to keep him away from his work for that long. God has preserved him to continue his valuable work in the world.
Thanks for your prayers!

Fiona H.

#7 Comment By Elliot Miller On November 16, 2011 @ 8:57 am

As a guest on one of Ken’s programs long ago and a fan of his going back to his NPR days, I was greatly saddened to receive this news but heartened to read Fiona’s update. Ken does the most thoughtful work in Christian audio journalism that I know of. It is at once informative, insightful, and edifying.

#8 Comment By Doug Kennard On January 3, 2013 @ 8:00 pm

Ken is a real hero of mine. A voice of Christian reason, grace, and hope in a very confusing and mixed up world (which I am afraid much of the church is catching!). Ken helps bring courage to me in his journal. It seems that even fellow conservatives are adding a lot of din and cacaphony to the public square confronts me with a lot of desperation. But Ken is a voice in the wilderness that helps me rethink, regroup and then move forward.

Doug Kennard