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Poland Survived Nazism & Communism…

From David Goldman (Spengler):

Now for the bad news: There won’t be a Poland in 100 years. At a total fertility rate of 1.29, Poland will have one retiree per working-age citizen by 2075. Poland in fact has one of the world’s very lowest fertility rates, which means (in Mary Eberstadt’s way of looking at the problem) that it is losing its religion. President Trump’s speech was magnificent, but it brings to mind Schiller’s dictum that history brought forth a great moment, but the moment encountered a mediocre people. Trump is doing the right thing, but we should remember that Europe is a case not for cure but for palliative care.

Spengler points out that it’s not just Poland. Look:

Africa doesn’t have this problem. From The Economist:

By the end of this century, Africa will be home to 39% of the world’s population, almost as much as Asia, and four times the share of North America and Europe put together. At present only one of the world’s ten most populous countries is in Africa: Nigeria. In 2100, the UN believes, five will be: Nigeria, Congo, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Niger.

Although much could change in the next 85 years, none of those countries is a byword for stability or prosperity. A quadrupling of their population is unlikely to improve matters. If nothing else, the number of Africans seeking a better life in Europe and other richer places is likely to increase several times over.

Will Europe have enough people left to police its borders? Will it have the will to do so?

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