This meme is all over Facebook tonight:


When I read this, I reached into the bookshelf next to me, and pulled out the first book I laid my hands on. It was Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward, Angel. Here is the first sentence on page 45 of my edition:

Stilled in great wonder, he went to sleep to the rhythmical pounding of the heavy wheels.

Yeah, you right! Heh. If I had been sitting in my armchair at the time instead of reclining in bed, the first book would have been The Divine Comedy. Here’s the first sentence of page 45 of the edition I had near to hand:

Then that lord who had brought me all this way

said, “Do not fear, the journey we are making

none can prevent: such power did decree it.

That’s kind of cool. Not as funny as the Thomas Wolfe, though.

What does page 45 say about your love life?

UPDATE: My teenage son did it. His was hilarious: “You betcha I’m stressed out.” That’s from Lord Vishnu’s Love Handles, by Will Clarke. Nora, my seven-year-old, has no idea what a love life is, but she wanted to play along. Hers was from The Hobbit: “He was very much alarmed, as well as disgusted.” That sounds about like her dad’s, at least when he was 16.