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The Moral Collapse Of Middlebury College

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DM2GWiBpPU8]

What’s in this video is what purports to be audio of a meeting between Middlebury College students and faculty over the botched Ryszard Legutko speech this week. There is some profanity in it, so you might not want to listen to it with the audio up. But it has been subtitled by Mike Nayna, who released it:


The recording begins with an unnamed faculty member apologizing to a group of students for having failed them — the failure being not preventing Legutko, a Polish professor and statesman, from coming to campus to speak. Then, we hear an unnamed student, in a state of agitation, claiming that “marginalized” students have had their “academic freedom” compromised because the presence of Legutko upset them so much that they cannot learn. The student says that it was offensive for the head of the poli sci department to tell angry students that they should come to the Legutko lecture with questions that can expose Legutko’s “problematic” beliefs (specifically, the Polish philosopher, a believing Catholic, espouses what the Catholic Church teaches about homosexuality).

The student says that it is an intolerable burden to expect “marginalized” students to expose the wickedness of a homophobe like Legutko. “I agree,” says the faculty member, who says that this approach must extend to race as well.

Another student demands — demands! — apologies from the political science department for having invited Legutko, “a raging f-cking homophobe.”

A professor encourages the students to keep up their activism. “You should be outraged,” she says.

The full audio is here. 

It’s important that you listen at least to the YouTube presentation — even if you do so silently, reading the subtitles. It is a shocking disgrace. These entitled students demanding the right to dictate who can and cannot come to the college, and demanding that the political science professors be humiliated publicly over it. These faculty members capitulating to these privileged punks, and encouraging them to continue working, de facto, to destroy the university.

There it is. None of those people belong at Middlebury. They do not understand what education is for. People on the outside, though, should know about the moral and intellectual collapse of Middlebury College.

UPDATE: Some of you are asking, “Why are you paying attention to this stuff on Good Friday?” Reminder: I am Eastern Orthodox; next week is our Holy Week this year.

UPDATE.2: Reader Sandster:

I was cringing too hard to make it through the entire video. Good Lord man, how embarrassing. “I demand …” Get outta here with that BS.

Where outside the West would this nonsense be tolerated?

When people hear this or read about Drag Queen Story Hour or see a man win a woman’s sporting event, they think about the Democratic Party. I don’t care how much healthcare and free college you promise, some of us can not wrap our heads around voting for a party that affirms so much of these trendy, society-rattling passions.

Today I read about some famous person’s six-year-old child coming out as transsexual. That is far more dangerous than anything Trump has ever said or done.

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