In today’s dispatch from the blasphemy news desk, Britain’s Liberal Democratic party is getting beat up by its own supporters for releasing this campaign poster, featuring the face of Nigel Farage superimposed on Prime Minister Teresa May’s:

The Telegraph writes:

On Sunday, when the poster was released, the chair of LGBQ Lib Dems, Jennie Rigg, complained about how the press team was “making her life difficult”.

She tweeted: “Guys, this is bordering on transphobia, and it would make my job as chair of plus a lot easier of you didn’t do this sort of thing.

“I’m not missing the humour, I just don’t find humour that picks on people who already have a suicide attempt rate of 50% that funny.”

Um, this image was not remotely picking on transgenders, but whatever, Crazypants Identity Politician. The mainstream left in Britain have already savaged the hapless LibDem leader Tim Farron, a left-wing Christian, for his apparently orthodox private views on homosexuality, even though he votes as an MP for gay rights, and the LibDem are totally on board the LGBT train.

What’s next? Will the Pythons, now elderly, have to flee Britain to avoid the re-education camps?