What a day. Stayed up till 4 a.m. working on a long, involved blog post that, for complicated reasons, I decided not to publish. Woke up at 6, drove boy to class in Baton Rouge, then shot over to the hospital to sit with my mom while my dad had minor surgery (which is never really minor when you’re 78 years old). When the nurse called us back to see him in recovery, I gathered my things, and managed to knock my diet Coke over onto my iPhone. Which killed the ear part. After we got my poor dad back into the car and headed home, I drove over to the Apple store, made an appointment to have the thing looked at that afternoon, then picked up Matt after class.

So I got a new iPhone — but I couldn’t transfer data from one to the other, and the last time I backed the dead phone up was two weeks ago. I didn’t lose much, as it turned out, but it was surprisingly difficult to restore the phone. I’ve only just now, at 10 pm, got it back in shape, got the voice mail set up and stuff — but the damn thing still won’t give me the prompt to put in my wi-fi password. I’m so tired my eyeballs feel like they’re scraping against pool chalk, and I have to get up at five and finish packing for France, then mow the grass, then shower, give the keys to the housesitters, and get my Honey Boo Boo crew to the airport.

All I got to say is Paris better redneckognize!