I spent a great half hour talking today to Matt K. Lewis about How Dante Can Save Your Life. 

Here’s a link to the podcast.

Listen for the part where I start proselytizing for Cosimanian Orthodoxy. Not really.

Not Dante

Not Dante, but close

But that would have been cool, wouldn’t it?

And listen up, Phoenix area: I’m coming out to the desert, where I have never, ever been, to see y’all on May 7 and to talk about Dante at a private fundraiser for The American Conservative. You want to come? Tickets available here. You get a free signed book and everything. And I won’t kill this rabbit. Or have my henchman put on his psionics helmet and turn the Eye of Chuckie in your general direction.

But wait, there’s more! I will also be giving a public talk about Dante in Phoenix on Veritas Prepatory Academy at 7pm on May 8.