My friend Victor Morton, who is a newspaper editor, tweets to ask which word was left out of this Associated Press story about the major Wall Street scandal exploding around Jon Corzine, whose firm may be guilty of felonies. Here’s a hint — the missing word is from this paragraph:

Corzine, a former New Jersey governor and chief of Goldman Sachs, took over MF Global last year. He led MF Global to make more trades for the company’s own profits, a practice known as proprietary trading. Proprietary trading helped turn Goldman into a trading powerhouse in recent years.

You see what word is missing, don’t you? Democratic. As Victor rightly surmises, to fail even to mention that Corzine was a politician of the Democratic Party is to implicitly serve the narrative that it’s only the Republicans who are the party of greed. If Corzine were a Republican, it would be perfectly fair and even important to point out the party he belongs to, and served as a U.S. Senator and governor. It’s meaningful that he was (and is) a Democrat because, as the liberal pundit Joe Nocera notes in his NYT column today,  “Corzine is an avowed liberal who has decried income inequality and Wall Street pay — but right up until the end, he had his hand out for millions he didn’t deserve.”

Do better, AP!