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Boomers Partied — Xers Got The Hangover

Why Mike Wise really doesn't want to hear nostalgic paeans to Woodstock
Rod Dreher November 18, 2019

The Flag & The Forgetting

9/11 and the fabric of America
Rod Dreher September 11, 2019

The NYT’s Woke-ism Undermines Liberalism

The now-problematic Damon Linker skewers The New York Times's 1619 Project
Rod Dreher August 20, 2019

Sunday Morning At Auschwitz

Where was God? And other questions
Rod Dreher July 15, 2019

Oskar Schindler’s Factory

It's now a museum telling the story of the Nazi occupation of Warsaw
Rod Dreher July 11, 2019

Learning From Bad People And Bad Ideas

The difficult art of discerning when liars are telling the truth, and evil people have something valuable to say
Rod Dreher March 24, 2019

Disintegration And Its Discontents

We are coming apart as a civilization, and the unwinding is going to be ugly if we aren't very careful
Rod Dreher March 19, 2019

The Tragedy Of Franco’s Spain

Peter Hitchens: He beat the Communists, thank God, but he was not a good man
Rod Dreher January 9, 2019

Secession, Schism, & Catholic Civil War

Andrew Delbanco's new book about the fugitive slaves has relevance for our own time. Take the Catholic Church's problems, for example
Rod Dreher November 27, 2018

Secret Of A Moscow Wine Cellar

The barbarity of egalitarianism, as seen in the basement of a fictional Russian hotel
Rod Dreher October 30, 2018