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Disney Queers Children, Says Disney Exec

'I was just wherever I could adding queerness,' brags exec producer for Disney TV animation
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Well, here you go:

In this clip, Latoya Raveneau, executive producer for Disney Television Animation, says that when she came to work for Disney, she thought it might be anti-gay, but exactly the opposite was the case. She admits to dropping pro-LGBT material quietly into Disney programming for years. Here’s a quote from the subtitles:

Disney has been trying to queer children for a long time. A senior Disney executive brags about that to her colleagues! Stop being gaslighted, mom and dad. Disney is the enemy of your family and your children.

To hell with woke capitalism! A Republican Party that is willing to fight Big Business on behalf of families and ordinary people could get somewhere in this country.

You watch: none of this will be reported by the mainstream media, whose position is, “Claims that Disney is queering America’s children are bigoted conservative dogwhistles — and it’s a good thing Disney is doing it!”

UPDATE: Groomers. They are all groomers. Why do some of the richest and most powerful people in America, executives of a company that has unparalleled access to the imaginations of America’s children, care so much about the sexuality of kids? It’s creepy. It’s demonic. This is happening right now in our country. You are foolish and cowardly if you minimize it for the sake of avoiding conflict.

Auron MacIntyre is right. This is where we are as a culture. They honest to God are going after our children, these progressives, these woke capitalists. I was thinking yesterday that maybe I went too far in my post from the weekend about “‘Woman,’ Man, and the Fight Against Evil”. Nope. When you have executives of the most powerful entity with access to the imaginations of children on planet Earth openly admitting, even bragging, about their work propagandizing and indoctrinating children into queerness and gender ideology, the evil is laid bare. Nobody has an excuse now not to know this. You moms and dads who let your kids watch the Disney Channel, and consume Disney products — what are you going to do? Look away? Don’t you dare look away. The responsibility is now yours. What are you going to do about it?

I did not realize fully what Disney was up to, but we did not let our children consume contemporary Disney products (as opposed to old-school Disney) because we hated the way children behaved on that programming. My wife and I never trusted Disney, intuitively feeling that it was no longer the trustworthy company we had grown up with. Now, with Chris Rufo’s revelations, we know that we were right.

It’s creepy as hell that these power elites are obsessed with crafting the minds of children to make them embrace queerness. If I had told you ten, or even five, years ago that this is what Disney was doing, most of you would have accused me of dog-whistling, of trying to scare conservatives by inventing paranoid lies. Well, guess what: Disney’s own senior executives and creative leaders are boasting of having done exactly this!

Gov. Ron DeSantis smoked them out. While other GOP governors were quivering in the face of transgender activists and woke capitalists, Gov. DeSantis led. LGBT employees and their allies within Disney pressured the company to insert itself into Florida politics. And now we see what’s what. We need more courageous conservatives like Ron DeSantis who don’t give a Mickey Rat’s rear end about appeasing Woke Capitalism, and who care instead about families and children.

Do you remember last week’s open letter to Disney executives from political, social, and religious conservatives within the company, saying that the internal culture at the company is a hostile work environment for them, because it is turbocharged with leftist cultural politics? You can sign the letter as a Disney “customer” if you have ever been to one of their theme parks, if you have ever watched one of their films, or watch the ABC network, which is owned by them.

This really is a moment of decision for parents, both conservatives and even moderates and liberals who may be more favorable towards LGBT rights than conservatives, but who do not appreciate a multinational corporation deciding that it has the right and the responsibility to get inside the heads of children and queer them.

What are you going to do? Here’s one idea:

UPDATE.2: A comment from reader KevinS, whose identity I know, and who is telling the truth when he says he’s gay:

“It’s creepy as hell.” It really is..and I say this as a gay man. I wonder how many of these Disney people are gay. One thing I have found at work (a university) and elsewhere is that our straight “allies” are usually more over the top about this sort of thing than we are. I still remember the time a straight colleague tried to convince me that I needed to be more angry because I did not realize how oppressed I was. Good grief. There really is an obsession here with getting this material into children’s programing that is unnerving and more than a bit unhinged.

Disney has eliminated all mention of “ladies,” “gentlemen,” “boys,” and “girls” in its theme parks? How can you really talk about the world without these terms? Sure, a very, very small percentage of people to do not identify with these categories. BUT the overwhelming vast majority do. Doesn’t eliminating these terms essentially “erase” them (and me in this case)? Do Disney parks no longer have men and women’s bathrooms?



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