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The CRT Commissars In Public Education

Reader sends documents from indoctrination class at his education master's degree program
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This blog really does have some great readers. Over the weekend, I heard from this one, whose identity I’m protecting:

I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years now. I sometimes disagree with your takes, but I steadfastly agree about the damage Critical Race Theory (CRT) is doing to our nation. I’m a high school teacher in [state] and currently taking the last class required for my master’s degree in education through [university]. The class  covers some of the science behind how people (and specifically children) learn.
The latest modules, however, deal with CRT and its tenets, such as the permanence of racism, the failure of liberalism, the myth of colorblindness, and others.  It has been difficult to complete the assignments because I disagree with nearly all of them. I find myself staring at the screen in gridlock because the work presupposes all of these beliefs. How can I answer from a perspective I feel is inherently wrong? As an example, some of my assignments are attached below.
To make the situation more interesting, the class is taught by a white female professor and the students are nearly all white women. One student may be Indian, but it’s hard to tell since we’ve only met virtually. As a person of color, I have more experience living as a minority in this society than all of them, yet I’m supposed to pretend I believe these insane ideas.
My [spouse] knows and understands my frustration. I just have to “suck it up” and finish this class so I can get my degree. I will never accept CRT because its tenets are antithetical to the Gospel. However, I wanted to write to you so you and others can see what happens in teacher education right now in our country. If conservatives ever want to right this ship, they need to start getting involved in public education, and, preferably, become teachers themselves.
I’m going to share the documents below. But first, I wrote back to this reader to ask why conservatives and traditional Christians should get involved in a profession in which everything is stacked against them? The reader responded:
Like you often write, I see events in the not too distant future which will make employment in education (at least in public schools) impossible for Christians, conservatives, or anyone who rejects the “new faith” being promoted in our society. Although I love teaching, I am certain that I will have to find a new career within five to ten years.
However, *if* we are ever to bring a semblance of sanity to our country, if we ever manage to pull out of our national nosedive, conservatives will have to take a keen and abiding interest in public education beyond budget meetings and clashes with the teacher’s union. For better or worse, public education is how the vast majority of new Americans (by this I mean children) are formed. The education they receive, I firmly believe, influences what kind of American they will grow up to be. If their teachers are informed by CRT, we should not be surprised when these children grow up and express support for BLM, racial identity politics, or the like. In other words, we’re reaping what we’ve sown by abandoning public education to the left.
Here are photos of documents the reader provided. As you can see, it’s straight-up ideological indoctrination, presenting a controversial theory as fact. If you are a member of the Board of Trustees of a university, or a state legislator, do you know if this racist garbage is being taught at universities under your authority? Do you know as a parent if this is mandated in your kids’ school? You had better find out. You may need to act like the Benda parents in Live Not By Lies, and counter the propaganda your kids are getting in the state schools (and many private schools, I would wager) with home deprogramming. They had no choice but to send their kids to communist schools — but they could not abandon the children’s minds to the indoctrinators.
Note how there can be no answer for the underperformance of minority students in class other than white racism. These ideologues insist that reality must conform to the tenets of the ideology.
I ask again, as I did late last week: What are they preparing us for?