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‘Crooked Hillary’

She's living up to Trump's slur
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David Brooks has a good column today advising Hillary Clinton regarding what she needs to do to defeat Trump. This part jumped out at me:

Third, you’re going to have to answer hatred with love. Your tendency so far in your career has been to answer hostility with distrust, and secretiveness.

You’ve ended up projecting coldness but also weakness and hurt. People who build emotional walls amid conflict do so out of fear, not strength.

Along the way you’ve made yourself phenomenally unpopular. The polls show that you are now just as distrusted by the American people as Donald Trump is.

Yesterday I caught an unaired (till last night) part of Scott Pelley’s “60 Minutes” interview with Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. He put to her a question about the DNC e-mail hack, and what it revealed about the way the supposedly neutral party insiders conspired to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ campaign on her behalf.

Clinton looked cold and resentful that she should have to answer the question, then accused Pelley of sandbagging her. And I thought: Classic Clinton behavior.
They don’t feel that the normal rules apply to them, and they’re resentful that anyone would question their behavior.

She, and the DNC, are living up to Trump’s slur. We all know what kind of burden the GOP is going to have going into this fall election. But the Democrats’ burden is just as heavy.