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Chris Christie on Drug Treatment

The GOP presidential hopeful's stunning discussion of addiction

HuffPo has a six-minute clip of an incredibly powerful Chris Christie talk on the campaign trail, in which he challenged the way we deal with drug abuse in this country. It’s one of the most compelling things I’ve ever heard any politician say. He starts by talking about how his mother, a smoker so addicted to nicotine that she couldn’t quit, contracted lung cancer in her 70s. Christie says nobody said, “Well, she deserved it, let’s not give her chemotherapy.” So why do so many people object to giving treatment to drug and alcohol addicts? he asks. He ties his support for drug treatment to being pro-life. And then he tells the story about a law school classmate who, as a practicing lawyer, had to take Percocet for an injury. He became addicted, and … well, watch the video. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of it.

If the next president is a Republican, I hope he or she finds something important for Chris Christie to do in the administration. I swear, I would rather do almost anything than watch a politician talk for six minutes, but this is riveting stuff.



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