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Even If Hobby Lobby Wins, We Lose

Closing on Sundays doesn't make up for the disembedding nature of big box stores.
Patrick J. Deneen March 25, 2014

Taiwan’s Protests Could Mean Trouble With China

Taiwan, the semi-autonomous nation not known for making waves, is erupting over a trade pact with China. Last week, hundreds of…
Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria March 25, 2014

How to Confront Chinese Power Peacefully

America has put up with hacking and currency manipulation for far too long.
Patrick Buchanan June 4, 2013

We Need a Tariff, Not a Corporate Income Tax

The corporate income tax should be abolished, not lowered.
Patrick Buchanan May 31, 2013

Tragedy in the Factories, and The New York Times

When there aren't easy solutions even to the most obvious problems.
Jonathan Coppage April 1, 2013

Qz.com: Business News for the Secessionist Rich

In his widely read essay for TAC, Mike Lofgren, author of The Party is Over, recounted a conversation he…
Scott Galupo September 24, 2012

Democrats Ignore Clinton’s Fingerprints on the Great Crash

Ahead of Bill Clinton’s convention speech Wednesday night, former Bush administration spokesman Ari Fleischer predicted rightly that the former…
Scott Galupo September 6, 2012

Global Financial Capitalism: Not Working

The International Monetary Fund issued a warning that will no doubt send deflation hawk Paul Krugman into a #facepalm. The…
Scott Galupo July 19, 2012

On Being “Anti-Capitalist”: Spare Me

In my TAC review of Jonah Goldberg’s The Tyranny of Cliches, I suggested a few lexicological alternatives for the…
Scott Galupo July 16, 2012

Good Europeans

The former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer has a revealing op-ed in today’s Süddeutsche Zeitung (link in German, h/t @yascha_mounk). Although his argument…
Samuel Goldman June 4, 2012