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Samuel Goldman is an assistant professor of political science and director of the Loeb Institute for Religious Freedom at George Washington University. He earned a Ph.D. in political science from Harvard, where he has also taught writing. In addition to The American Conservative, Goldman’s work has appeared in The New Criterion, The Wall Street Journal, and Maximumrocknroll. Follow him on Twitter.

A Man Who ‘Stuck With Virtue’

Remembering Peter Augustine Lawler, 1951—2017

America’s Long Argument With God

A new play explores how we came to see ourselves as a chosen people.

After Conservatism

Trump has dispelled plenty of illusions about the GOP coalition. So what comes next?

The End of Political Conversions?

The scope of political controversy has narrowed considerably since the end of the Cold War.

Home Is Where You Don’t Have to Explain

The average Brexit supporter is not a racist.

A Syllabus for Trump U

How should professors address this year’s election in the fall semester?

Can a Moral Minority Survive?

Christian America isn’t coming back, and traditional believers must adapt to the new reality.

Was Ziggy Stardust an Ayn Rand Hero?

David Bowie was the archetype of the radical philosophical individualist, a new book argues.

The Problem With Ideas

Our institutions presume that interests are real and that it’s usually impossible to satisfy them all.

Neoconservatism Died So Trump Could Live

“Make America great again” proceeds from a very different appeal than “national greatness” conservatism.

The Politics of Magical Thinking

The longterm decline in local government and civil associations is an important piece of the “why Trump?” puzzle.

Are Trump Supporters Authoritarians?

Electoral support is better explained by political reasoning than pseudo-Freudian psychological projections.

The Problem With Free College

Bernie’s borrowed German model requires university offerings to be stripped down from American expectations.

Make the Parties Great Again

Trump’s campaign is the product of a century of progressive efforts to undermine political party discipline.

Adversary Politics and the Invisible Establishment

We should refuse to play along when the rich, influential, or well-connected pose as outsiders.

Why Isn’t My Professor Conservative?

A drop in right-identifying faculty doesn’t prove a rise in academic bias.

Two Threats to Intellectual Freedom

It is no victory to prevent the rule of fanatics by transferring power to philistines.

How to Fix College Admissions

Instead of litigating affirmative action, simply hold a lottery for all qualified applicants.

Universities Meet Protest With Process

Administrators may be showing surrender while smothering protests in bureaucracy.

The RJC Farce

Republicans shouldn’t expect a breakthrough in Jewish support any time soon.

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