J. Arthur Bloom

Jordan was TAC's associate editor. He also reviews music for Tiny Mix Tapes, is a contributor at The Umlaut. His work has appeared elsewhere at the Washington Post, Washington Times, The Daily Caller, and Doublethink magazine, among others. He is a graduate of the College of William & Mary and lives in Washington DC. Follow him on Twitter

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Does a Close Race in Kansas Bode Poorly for the GOP?

Ron Estes was a weak candidate tied to an unpopular governor.
J. Arthur Bloom April 13, 2017

William Lind’s Way of War

Meet the field marshal of military reform and cultural conservatism.
J. Arthur Bloom October 17, 2016

The Controversial Chris Kyle

"American Sniper" could never have dodged the contentious politics of the war or the troubled hero it portrays.
J. Arthur Bloom January 23, 2015

Civil War Comes Home

“Copperhead” dramatizes the ’60s antiwar movement—1860s, that is.
J. Arthur Bloom June 24, 2013

National Service Programs Have Nothing To Do With Patriotism

Nothing like a “boot camp” or forced labor to bring back that good ol’-fashioned patriotism, says Joe Klein: We…
J. Arthur Bloom June 20, 2013