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How Long Before a Red State Gov Says He Knew It All Along?

A few more thoughts on Gruber-gate: 1. It seems the exponents of the D.C. Circuit’s ruling on Obamacare subsidies…
Scott Galupo July 26, 2014

Jonathan Gruber and the Smoking Gun That Wasn’t

Conservative economist Scott Sumner offers up a desperately needed example of intellectual honesty on l’affaire Gruber. (For those who…
Scott Galupo July 25, 2014

Obamacare vs. Dr. Evil’s Legal Eagles

Decades ago, a few friends and I were listening to Not For Kids Only, an album of Appalachian folk…
Scott Galupo July 23, 2014

Is Religious Freedom Possible?

Without a universal definition of religion, it's difficult to maintain.
Samuel Goldman July 9, 2014

Seven Reasons Police Brutality Is Systemic, Not Anecdotal

Official misconduct doesn't just come from "a few bad apples."
Bonnie Kristian July 2, 2014

Hobby Lobby Has Won, But Have We?

Hobby Lobby has won. The big box craft store’s lawsuit challenging the contraceptive mandate regulation issued by the Department…
Jonathan Coppage June 30, 2014

The Washington Redskins Go to Trademark Court

When the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a decision yesterday in favor of cancelling six trademarks registered by…
Catherine Addington June 19, 2014

The Limits of Science in Matters of Justice

Chris Mooney of Mother Jones recently reviewed Harry Collins’s book, Are We All Scientific Experts Now?, and argued that the public…
Sarah Albers June 10, 2014

For D.C. Schools, Brown Wasn’t Enough

When Brown v. Board of Education, the 9-0 Warren Court ruling, came down 60 years ago, desegregating America’s public…
Patrick Buchanan May 20, 2014

The Rights and Responsibilities of Search Engine Users

While truth has usually been a defense to charges of libel, Google is running into a higher standard in…
Leah Libresco May 15, 2014