Category: Congress

Development of Non-Toxic 2016 GOP Agenda Continues Apace

The release of Rep. Paul Ryan’s anti-poverty “discussion draft” last week marks another milestone in a long, painstaking, and…
Scott Galupo July 30, 2014

Derek Khanna Talks Cellphone Unlocking Victory, Copyright

After a popular online campaign to legalize cellphone unlocking, which allows a consumer to change the settings on a phone…
Catherine Addington July 28, 2014

Pentagon Audit Goes Once More Into the Breach

H.R. 5126 is the latest effort in a longstanding and increasingly bipartisan movement to send the Pentagon sailing into…
Sarah Albers July 21, 2014

Congressional Quirkiness on Display @CongressEdits

Twitter has revolutionized the way constituents interact with their representatives in Congress. Will Wikipedia be the next interactive legislative platform? If…
Catherine Addington July 17, 2014

Stop the Impeachment Talk

The GOP would only help Harry Reid by trying to remove Obama.
Patrick Buchanan July 7, 2014

The Chinese Embassy’s Embarrassing New Address

Chinese dissident and human rights activist Liu Xiaobo has a habit of making headlines from prison. The political reformer…
Catherine Addington June 30, 2014

Eric Cantor’s Defeat Is Also Netanyahu’s

Of course it isn’t yet clear what Eric Cantor’s stunning and decisive defeat at the hands of an unknown…
Scott McConnell June 12, 2014

The VA’s Bureaucracy Always Wins—Until Now

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki has been forced to resign. This bizarre solution to the VA scandal fires the…
Donald Devine June 4, 2014

Walter Jones and the Bush Tax Cuts

One bit of pushback I’ve encountered in response to today’s column about Walter Jones: the claim that Jones was…
W. James Antle III May 5, 2014

Conservative Sentencing Reform: Politically Savvy, Morally Right

Darlene Eckles was not a drug user or dealer when she was indicted in 2004. After her troubled brother…
Casey Given April 29, 2014