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Propaganda as pedagogy in the hallways of a public middle school

A Catholic reader writes that his son will be starting public middle school in upstate New York this fall:

At a presentation given to the parents of incoming students, the GSA was listed as a school sponsored club under the acronym…without a complete spelling of what it is.

The reader continues:

But a quick stroll through the hallways reveals that there is an ideology being introduced to students, both overtly and covertly. The school corridors are a veritable gauntlet of rainbows…most of them promoting the student organization called the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA). Look at all these signs. Even the academic posters for math and science on the walls are embellished with rainbows.

This isn’t a liberal college..it is a public middle school. The rainbow “safe space” sticker was on almost every single door in the school.

They teach all kinds of lessons in that middle school. Middle school. That means ages 11 to 13.

UPDATE: A reader writes:

If an America existed on the other side of the ocean somewhere, I would emigrate next week. When I think of my children and grandchildren, I am especially concerned. What will become of them? If I and they could be left alone to form a parallel public, I would have hope. The tentacles of technology and government will make that impossible. For the Benedict Option to have actual teeth, those about to hunker down will need land, farming skills, a barter system, medicine, an education system, a safe way to trade with the outside, and a secure information environment, to name a few.

The BO needs a (very quiet) think tank yesterday to figure out the practical matters of surviving in various levels of internal exile as associating with the public square becomes more and more difficult and dangerous. Readers of this blog keep hearing that we should prepare ourselves, but how? Really, how?

At the least, those who are forced into public schools now due to economic circumstances will need to formulate and a daily ritual of deprogramming their kids. Practical ideas here would be most welcome, both spiritual as well as psychological, because this actually needs to work.

We do need a think tank. Do I have any readers who are philanthropists, and who have the kind of money necessary to fund this kind of thing? Or fund a small group of people at the Ethics & Public Policy Center (or somewhere like it; they may not be interested) to think hard and practically about these things?



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