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Building Trans America

Who dares to stand against the evil of pushing transgenderism onto children?
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This is horrifying:


We are in a fight with naked evil. So many powerful people push this evil. So many people who know better are too afraid to stand up and call it what it is. This is not a matter of diversity of opinion; this is Evil. 

Mickey Mouse pushes this stuff. The President of the United States, and his party, push this stuff. Far too few Republicans push back at all.

It has infiltrated many churches; many more refuse to say anything about it because they want to avoid controversy. Look at what’s going on with the Catholic Church in Germany, via Edward Pentin’s invaluable reporting in the National Catholic Register. Excerpts:

“The focus is too much on homosexual men!” said Eric Tilch at a panel discussion in Frankfurt last Wednesday hosted by the Diocese of Limburg — the bishopric headed by Bishop Georg Bätzing, president of the German Catholic bishops’ conference.

But Tilch, a Church youth education officer, wasn’t protesting against the homosexual agenda or seeking to uphold the Church’s teaching on marriage and the family. Rather he was proposing the Church accept “other forms of love that are still in the dark,” according to an article on the panel posted on the diocesan website.

“I worry that the Church is too attached to a family photograph from the 1950s, i.e., father, mother, child,” said Tilch. “There is so much more than that, for example hybrid families, changing relationships, polyamorous love [multiple sexual partners].” He also wanted transsexual and intersexual people to be given more attention in public discussions.

The panel discussion was called “Out in Church” after a recent initiative of the same name in which 125 homosexual priests and employees of the Catholic Church in Germany called for more LGBT rights in the Church and complained about discrimination and other experiences in the Church. The initiative was made public Jan. 24 in a documentary, also called Out in Church, broadcast on ARD, one of Germany’s main television channels.


All the panel’s speakers said much had happened since the documentary aired, but they wanted more changes.

Diefenbach called for revisions to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, while acknowledging that such a goal would be a challenge. Weitzel asked that children of kindergarten age be “taken seriously if they make it clear early on that their feelings don’t match their biological sex.”

There is no avoiding this fight. It will find you, and your church. It will find your kids, and their school. We are quickly moving to a time when anyone who objects to this will be treated by the State as an enemy. It will be here faster than you think.

Meanwhile, here is the rarest thing: a column in a mainstream newspaper (the Washington Post) by a transgendered person who says something other than that transgenderism is the greatest thing ever. It’s actually quite a brave, sad piece by a male-to-female transgendered person named Corinna Cohn. Excerpts:

When I was 19, I had surgery for sex reassignment, or what is now called gender affirmation surgery. The callow young man who was obsessed with transitioning to womanhood could not have imagined reaching middle age. But now I’m closer to 50, keeping a watchful eye on my 401(k), and dieting and exercising in the hope that I’ll have a healthy retirement.

In terms of my priorities and interests today, that younger incarnation of myself might as well have been a different person — yet that was the person who committed me to a lifetime set apart from my peers.

There is much debate today about transgender treatment, especially for young people. Others might feel differently about their choices, but I know now that I wasn’t old enough to make that decision. Given the strong cultural forces today casting a benign light on these matters, I thought it might be helpful for young people, and their parents, to hear what I wish I had known.

Cohn had his testicles and penis removed, and now has to spend the rest of his life on drugs and hormones. More:

What was I seeking for my sacrifice? A feeling of wholeness and perfection. I was still a virgin when I went in for surgery. I mistakenly believed that this made my choice more serious and authentic. I chose an irreversible change before I’d even begun to understand my sexuality. The surgeon deemed my operation a good outcome, but intercourse never became pleasurable. When I tell friends, they’re saddened by the loss, but it’s abstract to me — I cannot grieve the absence of a thing I’ve never had.

One more excerpt:

Where were my parents in all this? They were aware of what I was doing, but by that point, I had pushed them out of my life. I didn’t need parents questioning me or establishing realistic expectations — especially when I found all I needed online. In the early 1990s, something called Internet Relay Chat, a rudimentary online forum, allowed me to meet like-minded strangers who offered an inexhaustible source of validation and acceptance.

I shudder to think of how distorting today’s social media is for confused teenagers. I’m also alarmed by how readily authority figures facilitate transition. I had to persuade two therapists, an endocrinologist and a surgeon to give me what I wanted. None of them were under crushing professional pressure, as they now would be, to “affirm” my choice.

Read it all. Cohn doesn’t say outright that he regrets transition, but he does say that at nineteen, he was too young and inexperienced to make such a radical choice. He should have waited until he was older, he now admits.

All these anxious and confused young people are being devoured by this evil cult. This is what America has become. This is what some countries in the world are desperate to prevent themselves from becoming. This is the American Way Of Life™.

Look at that image above. There are companies that make prosthetic genitalia for small children. When I speak to audiences here in Central Europe, and tell them things like this, I can see them struggling to believe that this is what America now accepts. That this is what America now is. I tell them that they have the benefit of time to understand what is coming their way from our sick American culture, and to prepare to fight it.

I think I was radicalized a little bit by this trip to Romania, and talking to people there about Live Not By Lies, and what’s coming to them. I had forgotten what it was like to be with mothers and fathers who are innocent of this stuff. These people look up to America. That makes them vulnerable.

Last summer in Budapest, when a young woman I asked for her opinion of politics, she told me that she was concerned about what she perceives as government corruption under Fidesz party rule. But she told me she planned to vote Fidesz anyway, because she saw the party of Viktor Orban as the only hope Hungary has to keep gender ideology away. She explained that gender ideology is a form of corruption that is far, far worse. She’s right. Look at that photo. Read the Twitter thread above. Some of you tell me that you hate seeing these photos. I’m sorry, but people need to see them, to understand exactly what this is — and, in this case, what a perverted theft of innocence is going on here, and is praised by our media, academic, and government elites.

UPDATE: The reader who posts under the name Secular Misanthropist, and who has been on this blog for so long as a commenter that I’m near tears after reading this, writes:

I haven’t wanted to post this comment, but I knew that I eventually would. A year ago my 19 year old son went to Planned Parenthood near his college and got on HRT with informed consent only. No therapy, no in depth screening, nothing.

He’s likely on the autistic spectrum and is looking for a reason to explain why he doesn’t fit in with others. Instead of helping him with this problem our society is making his problems worse.

My wife and I found out about it because he was clumsy about covering his tracks. We tried to talk him out of it, but he’s convinced this is his solution. My wife is a psychologist and started researching the ROGD phenomenon and the lose standards of medicalization and was appalled. Since then she’s been a vocal advocate to her peers that this social contagion is doing lasting harm to children, young adults, and families.

I have told my wife that we should withhold a college education until he stops. That the college is part of the problem because they are normalizing his behavior. For example he now lives with a natal female in a coed dorm. Moreover his behavior is profoundly disrespectful. We have had many fights about this and I would not wish the past year on anyone.

Both my wife and daughter have been canceled by him on more than one occasion for not seeing him as a “woman”. They usually patch things up enough to be speaking terms.

He and I no longer speak as I told him that he was not, nor could he ever be a woman. This and several other awful discussions have made this the worst year of my life. My relationship with him is probably at an end.

I have been utterly black pilled about our society and since the Democrats have been normalizing this I hope they utterly and completely lose in November. It won’t fix my broken heart, but at least misery loves company.

I am not kidding about any of this.

I hate these people. All of them. All of them that have brought this misery to this poor family. And all of them who sit back and make excuses for why we as a society should tolerate this bullshit.

UPDATE: A reader comments:

I’ve been loosely following this issue for a couple of years, mainly reading abigail shrier, bari weiss, etc, and watching various legislative efforts to respond to what is an unprecedented introduction of radical gender ideology into public schools. I’ve worked in Democratic politics for 3 decades, as campaign staff, manager, chief of staff to electeds and political director for multiple NFP’s and the party. I worked in the White House in the 90’s and was Midwest Political Director for a major national PAC. I haven’t been doing party work for 2 years as, honestly, my heart is no longer in it. And this is a big part of it.

I have two young sons. They are great kids – straight A’s, stud athletes, beginning musicians and honestly I haven’t had a single complaint about behavior from daycare, teachers, coaches or friends’ parents, ever. I cannot complain for a second about my boys. I would call myself lucky, but I know better. Their mother and I have been guiding them every step of the way. AND….they are in Catholic school.

I am nominally Catholic, or maybe culturally. I don’t actually believe in God, but I believe in Jesus, if that makes sense. I studied philosophy in undergrad and generally read non-fiction history and philosophy, and I read daily, have since my teenage years. Jesus makes more sense than Kierkegaard, I can say that for sure. But Aristotle made a lot of sense and, sometime, so did Kant. In any event, here’s something I never thought I’d say: I am less concerned about my children being indoctrinated with a dangerous ideology in Catholic school than I would be if they were at public school. And I feel safer about their emotional and spiritual development than I ever could with Chicago Public Schools, our local. They are, by the way, two blue eyed, blonde haired white boys. Is it any wonder?

I feel strongly that it falls upon me to guide my boys through the madness that they are mostly sheltered from, but will inevitably encounter through social media. I feel for those who cannot count on their children’s teachers to protect them from this phenomena. There is literally no chance our elected officials will intervene against educators dedicated to interrupting child development in public schools here – if anything, they will protect their actions and exclude parents from the process. That’s already happened, with a 2020 bill allowing the state to remove children from homes that do not support gender affirmation. It’s horrifying, but my party is fully on board. Again, as a strongly pro-choice Dem, I am essentially homeless in this mess.

I feel selfish saying this, but I feel confident I can keep my boys out of this trap. If they were at CPS, I’d be contending with some 34 year old blue haired single woman who graduated from Dipshit State with a 2.0 telling my boys they might be girls and are, by the way, oppressors. As it is, they are learning love thy neighbor, do unto others and blessed are the pure in heart. Who knows, maybe they’ll see God.

I sincerely hope you and others are able to help people whose children have been fed to this meat grinder.



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