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When Did Ukraine Become a ‘Critical Ally’?

Trump is standing up for them and risking a war with Russia. But why?
Patrick Buchanan November 16, 2019

Bernie Leads His Party to Open Borders

His proposal would decriminalize illegal entry, declare a pathway to citizenship, and sanctify sanctuary cities.
Patrick Buchanan November 12, 2019

When ‘Sexist’ (and Desperate) Democrats Bully Warren

It may not be a good idea for the male candidates to pile on the one woman front runner for the nomination.
Patrick Buchanan November 8, 2019

Establishment’s Coup Attempt Is Approaching End Game

The House impeachment of President Donald Trump seems baked in the cake.
Patrick Buchanan November 5, 2019

50 Years Ago: The Day Nixon Routed the Establishment

He asked the silent majority to stand with him on Vietnam, and their response was overwhelming.
Patrick Buchanan November 1, 2019

Imperial Capital, but America-First Nation

In his conflicting statements and actions, Trump seemingly seeks to mollify both sides of our national quarrel.
Patrick Buchanan October 25, 2019

The Age of Democracy May Be Over

Recent protests around the world aren't going to sway leaders—and then what?
Patrick Buchanan October 22, 2019