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Board Of Education, Board Of Groomers

School board hosts 'family-friendly' drag show. Angry mom blasts them: 'It makes you groomers and activist pimps'
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Not everybody is willing to sit back and let the pervs who run our institutions queer America. of Rooted Wings got all up in the business of the Encinitas County School Board. Watch and listen, y'all; this is how it's done:


It's a great short speech. The Twitter commenter Wokal Distance walks you through why it's so effective, line by line. His thread starts here; there are fourteen entries in the thread, I think:

Let a thousand moms light fires under the backsides of local school officials! Here's what she's protesting:

As the protest mom points out, Align Surgical Associates profit from trans surgeries. The local school board is in bed with doctors who profit off of surgically mutilating kids. Another sponsor is a gay bar.


Mom says to school board:

"You all played the activist pimp for an align surgical centre and for a 21+ gay bar. It makes you groomers and activists pimps. And we wont have those sitting on a school board who oversees the education of our children."

I'm telling you once again: we cannot trust our institutions. They have been captured by the woke.

Here's a different parent laying into a different school board. She reads from a book available to middle-schoolers in at least two schools in her district. It promotes gay sex, and explains to boys how to do it; THE CLIP'S AUDIO IS NOT SAFE TO PLAY AT WORK:


Here's a shot of part of this book (titled "This Book Is Gay"):

The school board really are a pack of groomers.

Yesterday I was talking with a friend, telling her what the Lutheran pastor who is a law-enforcement chaplain was saying to me about how so few people really understand the depravity going on beneath the surface of this world. He said when he talks to people about his work, and gets into that part of it, they aren't sure whether or not to believe him, because it sounds so very far from what they imagine this country and this world is like. My friend said that when her husband told her the stories of his own extensive sexual abuse by a family member, she found it hard to believe at first, because it was so far from what she imagined life is like, even among messed-up people. She said she thinks that the less we talk about this stuff, the harder it is for people to believe that it really happens.

It really happens, folks. Crazy stuff, like school boards indoctrinating small kids with gay sex instruction, and teaches them how to use technology to make themselves sexually available to adults. The new feminist website Reduxx has an eye on what some female-identified men are up to. Here's a story from earlier this year:

A convicted child sex offender is performing community outreach for an organization that advises incarcerated men on how to declare a transgender status and legally change their identification.

Xena Grandichelli, born Jeffrey Willsea, is a biological male who now identifies as a woman. In 1994, Grandichelli pleaded guilty to 11 counts of sexual abuse involving a 3 year-old girl and was designated a sexually violent offender. His sex offender registration categorizes him as a risk level 3, which denotes the highest recidivist risk and a threat to public safety. New York State law restricts level 3 sex offenders from being within 1,000 feet of a school.

Yet since his release from prison, Grandichelli has become a highly-regarded trans activist and has spoken at top-tier universities. In 2017, he was a panelist representing ‚Äúwomen‚Äôs experiences of incarceration‚ÄĚ at Columbia University. In 2016, Grandichelli¬†spoke at NYU¬†on the topic of incarceration and trauma. In the same year, he led a¬†workshop¬†on trans issues for the National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People of Color Health Conference.

Notably, he has also partnered with the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) and was designated as a Movement Building Team member. In a letter posted to the SRLP website, Grandichelli describes how team members from the organization actively worked to recruit him while he was still incarcerated for sexually abusing a child.

As Auron Macintyre's evergreen tweet tells us:

You have to start paying attention. These evil people get what they want, including from checked-out institutionalists, because they care about their cause more than we care about stopping thtem.