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Black Lives Matter: Commies

After BLM pro-Cuba statement, anyone who takes the knee is kneeling on the neck of oppressed Cubans
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When people tell you who they are — and BLM has been saying from the beginning that they are Marxists — believe them. This, from the official BLM Twitter account:

There you have it: Black Lives Matter — which raised $90 million last year — endorses the brutal repression of the Cuban Communist regime, which is shooting its own people in the streets as they protest for vaccines, for food, and against their own deep poverty.

I am not in favor of US military intervention in Cuba (but any other help we can give the people, let’s do it!). But for God’s sake, the Cuban people are suffering terribly — and these BLM dirtbags stand with their persecutors! It’s infuriating. Read Antonio Garcia Martinez’s account of going to Cuba on a reporting trip, and see the conditions Cubans are living under in that Communist hellhole. This is what BLM defends. BLM did not have to take a public position on Cuba — but it did.

Here are 18 companies that gave money to Black Lives Matter. They include Amazon, Nabisco, 23AndMe, Dropbox, Unilever, Microsoft, and DoorDash. If they don’t repudiate the BLM organization, they are complicit in the crushing of the Cuban people.

I’m sick of the free pass these BLM Marxists get in this culture. Everybody needs to call them what they are. No more silence. Going forward, anyone who takes the knee is kneeling on the neck of oppressed Cubans.

UPDATE: Look, I favor ending the embargo, which has not worked. I don’t care if BLM, or anyone else, favors ending the embargo. What infuriates me about this statement is that BLM blames America for the oppression that has been the lot of Cubans since 1959. It is disgusting, and utterly discrediting, in moral terms, of BLM.




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