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Billboard Chris: Hero Dad

Activist defending kids from the Trans-Industrial Complex has his arm badly broken by Antifa -- but he's not backing down
Screen Shot 2022-11-25 at 11.19.34 PM

Antifa in Montreal broke his arm badly, but he's not backing down:

Antifa's handiwork:

Billboard Chris is a Canadian father of daughters who travels around doing what you might call "street evangelism" (though not religious) about the trans issue for children and minors. He engages people in peaceful, polite street conversations, and regularly suffers a torrent of abuse -- sometimes, as you see, physical. Antifa have it in for him. But he won't quit! He's a hell of a lot braver than I am, and braver than most. Here's a link to his website. I donated $50 to his cause tonight, through the website, out of respect, admiration, and gratitude for him. I strongly encourage you readers to follow my lead, and donate even more if you can. On the issue of protecting children from the Trans-Industrial Complex, Chris has more guts than any conservative politician in Washington. I know that's not saying much, but hey.


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In Canada he's lucky he hasn't been put on the terror watch list and he and his supporters have not had their bank accounts frozen.

"stop cutting up and sterilizing kids" If that's now the hill to (literally) die on it will be interesting to see what transpires next. Most likely a cucked, impoverished society where a WEF-inspired Deep State chooses among beige uniparty leaders to place in office, not power. Greece with a 4th of July holiday.
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