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When Conspiracy Is The Only Explanation For Failed Neo-Liberal Dreams

It couldn’t possibly be that their Davos ideals were weak. Russia must be to blame.

The Civil War on America’s Horizon

Trump and his critics despise each other. All that’s needed now is a spark.

America the Unexceptional

Believing we’re exempt from the moral law because we stand for “democracy” is the worst mistake we’ve ever made.

Why Foreign Policy Realism Isn’t Enough

Realists need to provide something more than cold balances of power: a sense of morality.

Welcome to the Welfare-Warfare State

And beware the three-headed hydra of militarism, constitutional flaccidity and profligate domestic spending.

NATO’s Real Existential Threat: The Surrender of Western Values

The alliance’s elites have come down with a case of civilizational cluelessness.

Phony Virtue is Ruining Western Society

From Hollywood to our foreign policy, Rousseau’s joke is on us.

‘Savior General’ Petraeus Gave Us the Wrong Bible

The fatal flaw in his vaunted counterinsurgency strategy.

Time to Re-Boot the War Debate in Congress

Tucker Carlson and Max Boot’s acrimonious debate was a valuable contribution.

Bad Multiculturalism in College, Bad Foreign Policy in Real World

There’s a right way to teach it.

Samuel Huntington Was Not Like Steve Bannon

Both emphasized the clashing of civilizations, but the similarities end there.